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Valve train noise / lash pad question

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I just started my motor with my rebuilt head and once it heats up it sounds like someone is beating the valve cover with a hammer. I reused the cam, rockers, and lash pads since my motor guy said they were in good shape. New valves, guides, and seats were installed.  I took a look inside and first found that they had three rockers in the wrong spot (per their engraved numbers).  I also saw no markings on the lash pads so I'm guessing that they just put them wherever.  I looked at the wear pattern for the three swapped rockers and nothing was centered.  I want to replace (or regrind) my rockers and get new lash pads but I can't seem to find where you get lash pads near the stock thickness.  I'm guessing based on my wear patterns on the current rockers I'm going to need to get different thickness lash pads.  Does anybody know where to find lash pads near the stock ~ 0.120" size?  

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