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  1. I'm just looing for the bracket. I have the check valve/rubber
  2. Thanks- I didn't know about that site. Any clue when if the black ones will be available again? I'm guessing you are in the know since you have the web address in your signature.
  3. That was a thought I had but the needle bearings are a little longer and are chrome (or rust) finish not the black oxide. Everything is back together and working so its all good. Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to find the metal clamp that holds the master vac check valve to the firewall. Does anybody have one they would sell? Thanks!
  5. Beer.... The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems.
  6. I often stare at the ceiling as I lie awake and think of all the money I throw at the car!
  7. Its not the roll pin from the bottom of the distributor. Thanks for everyone's input. I'm feeling pretty confident its not from the motor. I'll take my dime and leave!
  8. Its a 72 240Z. Its solid metal and sticks to a magnet. It appears to have a black oxide finish with some wear down to the base metal. It isn't a roll pin or a plastic rivet. Picture attached at a different angle. I saw nothing on any of the parts diagrams that this could be but like I said it just appeared on my workbench. Thanks!
  9. I have my engine apart to replace the head gasket and timing cover gasket and I noticed today a small pin on the bench. I'm not positive it is from the engine but I have never seen it before. On the bench I have had the oil pump, head, timing cover, thermostat housing and the chain tensioner. It doesn't appear to have an oily film on it but It could have been cleaned while I have been cleaning parts and scraping gaskets. It has a black coating on it and has one small area that shows wear. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for a the info. Great idea to make sure the splines are all clean before reinstalling.
  11. Side to side. I took a better measurement and its really about 0.030". I think I feel better about it now. thanks!
  12. Side to side. A better measuremet has it at about 0.030"
  13. I have yet another question for the gurus in this forum. I pulled my transmission to replace all seals/orings and found what seems to be "a lot" of play in the input shaft. My semi-accurate measurement technique shows around 0.045" of play back and forth. Is this normal. None of the manuals I have give any sort of measurement on this. The car has 125K miles on it. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the info on that thermostat alternative maybe I will just try that with some SS tubing.
  15. I've seen both views on the heaters. With the thermostat I'm hoping they just warm up then don't get too hot.
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