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  1. Diseazd- FWIW my car was purchased in Newport News originally and lived in Williamsburg for a long time. Still had rust though.....
  2. Those are some good looking cars- including the lime one! Am I wrong to use the spare tire area as a location for the correct color? It just looks pale there but the pics above don't look pale at all. Perhaps one of you can take off a fender and ship it to me so I can take a closer look!😜
  3. My 240 was originally 918 orange but was resprayed Ferrari red before I bought it. I want to change it back to the original orange but the paint in the engine compartment and interior don't look so exciting. It could be the fact that the car is soooooo red that the original orange looks boring against the red. I'm wondering if anyone in NH or Mass has a 918 orange Z I can look at in person. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I can't say enough how awesome this forum is and how helpful everyone is. I look forward to the day when I can actually answer some questions rather that ask them!
  5. Thanks for all the info. I swapped plugs and the high speed miss went away so that's nice! I did have a problem with the curvature of the float tab on one of the floats. It was to rounded and ended up hitting the needle more on the side then the top. I did my best to straighten it out.
  6. Good Carb info- thanks. I'd say that it pretty much in line with what I've done but I never tried so set the mixture at a fast idle (2K+)
  7. Mine would be a 72 with US emissions so the numbers match what I'm seeing. Thanks for the chart!
  8. I will have to try lower RPMs up a hill with the vacuum advance disconnected. I havent checked the mechanical advance besides seeing the timing advance. I will do that. I saw it advance to 50 while revving it with no load- is this invalid? I added extra timing marks to get to 45. Plugs only have 500 miles on them but they did get pretty carboned up with the Holley on there. I will try new ones. Thanks
  9. I set the floats this weekend using the 10 turn down method and it runs pretty well at lower RPMs. It idles good and pulls well up to about 4K and then starts to break up. It will rev up to 7K fine but just breaks up along the way. I thought it might be lean but it behaves the same way if I have the choke fully on. I also noticed that the timing was advancing from about 10 BTDC to around 50 BTDC at higher RPMs. I thought it could be detonation so I pulled the vacuum advance so it would only advance to around 35 BTDC with the mechanical advance but no change in the break up. I suppose it could be ignition so perhaps I should try a coil, cap/rotor. It has a Pertronix ignitor in place of the points. Interesting note is that the plugs are brick red when I kill the motor under load at around 2K and a little lighter if I kill the motor at 4500. I'm running 87 octane with a lead additive for the valve seats.
  10. Thanks for all the float info. I'm going to try the 10 turn method over the weekend.
  11. I measured the floats using the clear tube method and the fuel level is 23mm below the bottom of the float lid (where it meets the gasket) for the rear carb and the front is at 28mm for the same measurement. I've read a lot about 23mm being the correct level but am I measuring it from the correct point? I'm assuming they both should be 23mm? The front carb had a lean backfire a few times. I suppose this could be the reason.
  12. 3.5 turns is the highest idle. I tried 4 turns but had the same issue. I will check the floats tonight.
  13. I believe the description of the piston rising too quickly and then becoming to lean was spot on. I made a big time rookie mistake and assumed the dashpot oil level was correct and it was low. I never looked into the correct level and since oil was touching the bottom of the "dipstick" I thought all was well. I put in the correct amount and the chatter is gone! But now without the chatter when I take off its like a bucking bronco. It's as if I'm just learning to drive a manual. If I give it gas after the clutch is out it starts bucking. Not like a loss of power I don't think but I'm not sure. It does it as I shift in 2nd also. Any thoughts? Thanks to all for the help with this!
  14. I need to do a plug check soon. I think I'll take it to work tomorrow and try on the way home.
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