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  1. That was my thought also. Different bushings and a related mark. But why "B" and "Y". Some things we will never know...
  2. I found the markings by accident when I was testing out some new media I got for my blasting cabinet. I had another pair from a parts car and I blasted them and saw the same B and Y markings. I agree that they look exactly the same.
  3. Great thread! Possible stupid question but are the front lower control arms interchangeable? They look the same but are different PNs in the parts book and one has a stamped "B" and the other a "Y".
  4. I had no luck with my local Nissan dealer today- oh well. If I need to work with my current fenders I will need to by the patch panel for the lower half of the fender. Has anyone seen a panel to replace the inner brace? One fender's is pretty rotten and the other was cut out during a previous "repair". I did find a a fiberglass one which was interesting but I need good old fashioned sheet metal.
  5. I'm not too far from canada. I'm going to call a dealer over the broader and see what they say. Roadtrip!
  6. Does anybody have any of the 6mm Philips/hex head door striker bolts they would be willing to part with? I need four bolts in decent shape- like the one in the pic. I'm getting anal with my restoration and I'd like the "correct" ones. Thanks!
  7. I'm also going to try to call a Canadian Nissan dealer over the boarder from New Hampshire. Perhaps I can go on a road trip.
  8. I may call my local Nissan dealer on Monday and see what they have to say.
  9. All of the online Nissan places I usually buy parts from show them as discontinued. Is there a trick to getting them? Do I need a knowledgeable parts person at a local dealer?
  10. I have the shell of my 240 at the body shop and I need to make a decision on the fenders. The right side has already been patched on the bottom and has a decent amount of rot and the left side is pretty much junk. I've been looking at possibly just getting replacement fenders but i'm not sure if anything out there is good. Z-car depot has fenders listed but they also state that they may not fit right. Ebay also has fenders but I'm guessing that they are the same as the ones Z-car depot sells. Z-car source offers "refinished" fenders which appear to be used fenders that they did some work to. Any thoughts? Thanks! Also- (poor quality) progress pics!
  11. @motorman7 thanks for the info. This would explain why the fuel rail I bought from ZThearpy was very corroded on the inside and under the rubber caps that were on the ends. Do you think there is any way to cap off cavity devices? Obviously the rubber covers used by ZThearpy didnt work so well. I've been in contact with Sav On Plating and they seem easy to work with. I read in this thread about how you bent the fuel rails into 48x48" max sizes to get plated. Did you do this at SavOn? I didn't get the impression that they had a tank that big. I was told if it fits into a 5 gallon bucket I should be good.
  12. Great thread with a lot of great info! I have a plating related question. Did the plating process ruin any rubber/plastic? Did the vacuum advance still function after plating?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll see what they look like after blasting.