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  1. When you immediately press the gas pedal just a tiny bit (when it dies) the accelerator pump isn't really doing anything yet. All the pump cams have a very similar initial rate so I'm not sure if that will help but its on my list anyway. I read something about immediately off idle is the point when the carb transfers from the idle circuit to the transition circuit and that can be lean if the butterflies are too open at idle. I just wish I has a stock set up!
  2. Quick update. The Holley carb was way out of tune and the secondaries weren't even opening. Its much better now but still has a slight stumble when you first touch the gas but I'm not sure if its lean or rich. And this was supposed to be easier to tune then the SUs????
  3. I was thinking something similar so I plan to replace the cap/rotor, plugs and wires with good stuff. In addition I found the air mixture screws on the carb were not set equally- one at a 0.5 turns and the other at 2.5 turns so it makes me think I need to make sure the carb is set up ok. Thanks to everyone for all the help!
  4. The receipt says its the 8007 Holley that is recommended by Arizona Z Car. The accelerator pump looks to be spraying fuel fine. I did pull the plugs to take a look and found some odd stuff. The cylinder 1 plug looks fine, 2 and 3 are extremely carbon covered and 4, 5 and 6 have moderate carbon. Not sure what this is telling me quite yet.
  5. Stock L24 engine. Per the service records / previous owner it had plugs/cap/wires and a valve adjust in the last 5K miles and it has an electronic ignition installed. I still need to verify the timing and also compression.
  6. I just picked up my first 240Z in 20 years and this one has a Arizona Z Car intake with the Holley 390 CFM 4 barrel carb. The car has a noticeable stumble off idle and a lack of low end. It seems to do OK at higher RPMs but it seems sluggish compared to what I remember my old Z to be. I've read a lot on this site about the AZ/Holley combo and it seems that some love it and some hate it. Are there any tuning tips for this set up? I have no experience with the holley carb so I don't know where to start. Previous owner said it has been performing that way since install. I would like to put SUs back on but its financially not in the cards now. Thanks for any help!
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