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Series 1 Choke Hand Throttle Cable Assembly Mechanism

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15 minutes ago, Terrapin Z said:

Same people that listed it before. They have sold some things and some are still overpriced.



This is the latest list.   https://www.ebay.com/sch/eBay-Motors/6000/m.html?item=293531353110&hash=item4457d50016%3Ag%3AKGIAAOSwUi5eg6Ux&_ssn=auctionworks1

$10 for some mystery wires. lol

Man if he can $10 for those dirty brittle random connectors, I’m gonna be really PO’ed that I’ve tossed so many of those.....



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Banzai has those connectors NEW for far less. WOW, 2 grand for those cables. I think I have 2 new sets in stock.

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Well asking price, and sold price are two different things. Although I have seen a set of cables go for around $1500. 

His "sold" list is fairly inline with other sellers. There are a number of "best offer accepted" 

They did list the NOS heater panel finisher for a very specific buyer "Tnsnap" who then BIN @ $800. 


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