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Richard McDonel

Parts for Sale: Still selling stuff

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    Still selling stuff


    When I posted my first ad last month, I had two double garages and one small shed.  Happy to report that I have now sold enough stuff that from the the door of the shed, I can actually see the back wall, something that was not possible a month ago.  Still quite a bit of stuff to go.  For today, not wanting to overload the system, let's go with a pair of new Bradi vented and drilled brake discs, part # 40206 03p02  for 300ZX; in original packaging $90 U.S. the pair, and: 

    Appear-to-be new performance / racing spring set $120.  Front springs are 11.5" / 29 cm front.  Rear 10 7/8" / 27.5 cm; and

    New rear suspension spindle pins, $50 the pair. 

    Thanks for your interest







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    1 hour ago, jfa.series1 said:

    @siteunseen Thanks for thinking of me.  I have a set of stock springs, now fully stripped and ready for powdercoating when we all get out of jail.

    Cannot powdercoating be done from jail?   :ph34r:

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