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    Thought I would share this interesting Z car I have been working on to help the owner out for the last few months.

    It is proudly owned by a very nice, very enthusiastic older woman 100+ miles away.  I brought it up to my location in an enclosed trailer with the generous help of a good friend.  It has not been running for over a year and in addition, she has had some bad experiences with some shops which took advantage of her with little results.  She was referred to me by one of her relatives that lives in my area and I made the trip down her way to look it over, meet her and her husband and then agreed to bring it up to my garage.

    When I first talked with Joyce and I asked her about the car & herself her response was ... "I like to drive fast, and I'm all about accessories" ...

    The car had a number of electrical and fuel issues going on which are now mostly corrected.  ( I successfully got it running,  -very nicely, -  this week to test some new wiring & things and will now continue on to complete or correct the other modifications and some new items.  The brake system also needs some attention from sitting a long while.

    Some of this 75 280z features are  :  A beautiful ** (it pops!), very high quality 2 tone paint finish. Fresh, almost no miles Datsun Spirit stage 2 street motor, electric assisted power steering, glass body kit (not my cup of tea but she loves it, and that is all that matters).

    ** This paint could hang with MikeW's exceptional award winning 260z and give him a run for his money.... lol

    New stuff going in : new Vintage Dash with full Speedhut instrumentation,  Zcar Depot Fast EFI system, numerous Skillard accessories & knicknacks , and more.

    Enjoy the pics, let me know what you think ....   Its a fun car to work on, mostly a labor of love we all have for these cars, looking forward to see her reaction when I get her baby back to her,  280Zoommmm.....................











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    Pretty paint

    Love the engine! It aught to be fun when sorted

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    Looking for 2 of the 280z gauge straps for the small instruments.   The dash was pulled before I got the car and were lost.  Needed to complete the Speedhut gauge install in the oem housings.   Let me know if you have some available  ....


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