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Source for the Cup washers on the SU Air cleaner Wing Bolts

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Yeah, I figured on your side of the border, the metric stuff was easier to get. On my side, not unexpectedly, the inch stuff is easier.

I'm thinking that a press fit would be enough. I was looking at the original bolt in your fantastic pics and it looks like there's a small undercut on the shank end of the wing? Like they could have pressed the wing head on just a fraction of a mm further before it bottomed out?

If you think about the application, it's supposed to be finger tight. I'm thinking a nice aggressive "permanent" category press fit would be plenty. Use your hydraulic press to put it on. Just don't shoot the whole thing out of the press sideways into sensitive body parts.

9 minutes ago, zKars said:

TIG’ing that bolt in there is the hot tip (haha)

Haha! I see what you did there!

Any of that (silver braze, TIG) will ruin the plating and necessitate a re-plate.

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