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2020 ZCON

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1 hour ago, 87mj said:

I confess I dont know the visual difference between a 350z and a 370 et al. but I am a little surprised how few S30 cars appear to be there.  From the videos, it looked like there were far more later cars and very few S30.

350z looks like an Audi TT.

370z looks like what the 350z should have looked like.


2004 Stunning - Rare colour Audi TT 3.2. V6 Quatro DSG SOLD | Car And  ClassicUsed Nissan 350Z for Sale (with Photos) - Autotrader

Nissan unveils 400-horsepower twin-turbo 370Z you can't buy




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Dude!  If you think that a 350Z looks like an Audi TT, you've been wanking too much and you're loosing your vision!

87mj, no, you don't see too many S30s these days.  The vast majority of the Z-car community is post S30.  It's a much younger crowd and a whole different perspective.  It has been that way for some time.

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I forgot to mention earlier that one of the most popular raffle items at ZCON was one of the new reproduction gas tanks from S30.world. I got to see the tank up close, and it looks really good to me.

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I recently had the pleasure of installing an s30 world gas tank into a customers 73 240.  A quality product at the same cost as having a Gas Tank Renu process done except that now you have new.  Delivery was prompt as well. 


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