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'77 convertible conversion sells at Mecum

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I think Scott used Triumph TR6 tops. Scott was an Air Force guy who did the SU carbs before ZTherapy. (They bought it from him) he sold before transferring to Lakenheath in England. He did a couple tuning videos on VHS. I have one around somewhere.

but most importantly to this conversation, he built convertibles out of Z cars. They were pretty good quality if he did them. He also sold it as a kit and who knows what you get if it’s a kit. I’ve seen a couple of his convertibles and they do have tops and they look good with the top up too. 

if you go to Carl’s site, you might find mention of him, and Mr. Beck should remember him...

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I have a set of those vhs videos and a tr6 top frame laying around in my shop. It is a good looking car when done but its a lot of work. I'm not sure I would cut one up now.

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3 hours ago, CanTechZ said:

Here is a link to a topic by a member here, who appeared for a short time in 2011, that has/had one of these with a trunk lid and other mods. 


Thanks for the link

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