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  1. Need a place near Indianapolis that can help put a 240 back together. Just was painted and I have the interior and exterior parts. Any suggestions
  2. Newly painted by a professional painter. Willing to sacrifice my 1972 240Z for less than what I have in this car. All it needs is someone to put in the interior and exterior parts. I have 97% of all parts for this car. All new interior. Just needs installed. You will not find a better deal anywhere for a car like this. Cannot find anyone who will finish car for me. Need to sell. This was a car like I owned as a young man and really wanted to restore it. The mechanical has been done and all body and paint work was done by a pro. I spent nearly 8,000 getting the car blasted and repainted.
  3. I guess somewhere between Bloomington and Jasonville I have lost my AC unit for the 240. I would like AC back on the car. Will this be possible to do as it was before?

  4. I will send you an explanation of what happened in a text. The picture is a good one
  5. Steve I switched phones and did not save any of my contacts. I would feel relieved if you were to do the interior. The guy who I asked to do it really does not know what you do about the car. Many do not know what you know about the 240. He has never done one and I am sure it will not be a complete job. But if you cannot or do not have the time I understand.
  6. Steve You wouldn't be up to doing the interior would you?
  7. Steve I have not seen the car for a few weeks and I also thought the cards were usable
  8. Looking for door cards for a 72 240. I have new white skins for my car. I have been told the original door cards are no good. Can I buy new black complete door panels and remove the black skin and put a white skin on it. If not, does anyone have a suggestion on a good interior shop that know the Z in order to get it rebuilt. I have 90% of the interior already bought. Thanks in advance. Also looking for 4 wheels that will take the original hub cap for a 72. I have the caps. In fact I have an extra set for sale
  9. Need a complete AC for my 240

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      Or text me - you should still have my number

    4. Don McNabb

      Don McNabb

      Have changed phones. My new number is 812-798-2784. Do not have yours. I know you gave me the AC parts ( I think, maybe you didn't, cannot remember), but I think I am going to put AC back in it. Called Vintage Air and they really dont have what I need. Trying to call MSA, no luck yet from them. Just thought if anyone knew you would what the best route is to try and keep it all factory.

  10. Anyone have or know where I can buy 4 steel wheels that will work with the 1972 hub cab. Wanting to use the set of hub cabs I have that was never used. They are Brand new. Just need the steel wheels
  11. My colors are the same as yours. The picture looks good. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate your advice
  12. Any suggestions on which direction to purchase a white interior for a 7/72 240z. Steve in Bloomington, in is doing a great jog on the car and has offered to do the interior. Where is the best place to buy white
  13. Anyone possible have 2 air filter housing bolts for sale. 1972 240z. Email me at donald.mcnabb@indstate.edu Thank You
  14. Thank You. They do seem to carry them,but they are out of stock at the moment. But it is reproduced. Maybe they will get some back in stock. I called them and left them a message. But thank you for the lead. I did not know they were out there
  15. I am sure I am asking the impossible, but if anyone has an AM/FM 1972 radio Face plate for sale I would be interested in buying it. As rare as they are you would think someone who is talented would be able to reproduce one. Someone somewhere use to make them. Thanks in advance. Don Mcnabb
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