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[SOLD] 77 280z engine and 4 speed for sale in Dallas

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I have a l28 engine from a 77 datsun 280z, in good working condition. I drove it before I pulled it and had it running great. It would start easy cold, idle well, pull hard.

Has new plugs and wires, temp sensors good, etc.

Will sell the engine, with manifolds and injectors, flywheel, and clutch for $150
Will sell the 4 speed trans for $100
Will sell both engine and trans for $200 total, or throw in the Bosche L-Jetronic ECU, AFM and harness (harness has some modifications) for $250

Also have a 78 ECU as well... 77 ignition module... don't need any of this anymore.





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Are you going V8 or did the car get damaged?  @Tempestas

Should have made a video of the engine running.

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Going 2JZ, had planned to put it back in after paint, and enjoy the stock engine a bit before engine swap, but changed my mind.  I really only got it running well for the fun of it.

Car had a small electrical fire in the engine bay 20 years ago, then was stored indoors not running until I purchased it.  I cleaned everything up, repaired the harnesses and got it running and all electrical working 100%.  I then tore the car down for paint and have decided to swap it now before finishing all the paint.

Have video of it running poorly before going through and replacing a couple injectors and flushing out the fuel system really well, but that's really not going to help much : )  It is what it is... a L28 that will be sold cheap or sold for scrap.

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Seems priced about right, except for the 4 speed.  We all have 4 speeds sitting in our garages, left over from our 5 speed swaps.  Hard to even give those away.

You might add mileage on the engine to your ad.  Good luck.

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