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Datsun 240Z antenna NOS Harada


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Hey Bryan, thank you and sorry for the trouble...

lets go again :)

Datsun 240Z, NOS part, Japan made, closest antenna to oem (if not oem)

Never been fitted!!!

Mounting fittings and switch are included.

Dimensions: total length 36mm, tube length 19mm. Rod is stainless steel, length is 1m, 5 sections.

Price same as before... $189 shipped through paypal

thank you


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as far as I know and searched a bit too, this is the one all use to replace their own and supposed to be the original one... and the original antenna is Harada.

If it is a different Harada model and not this one, then this is my mistake and I am sorry if mislead previous buyers (if anyone needs a refund I can do it) but it still fits better than any other antenna.

I will edit my post just because I am not certain 100%

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The mast tip is different from the earliest versions.  We discussed this years ago.  The very earliest versions had a pointed tip where as this version has a flat tip.  I don't know about the length.  It IS the original manufacturer and I believe will fit all S30 models.  Sorry for the rotated picture.


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Finally home in front of my parts book and photo files.  Thought I would throw a little info out there.

Nissan lists this antenna as 27350-E4125 KIT-AERIAL AUTO TUNING (RADIO)  it would coincide with 27320-E4125  RECEIVER RADIO AM AUTO-TUNNING  The E8800, E8825, and N3600 are the AM/FM 5-button radios.  The antennas associated with them would be 27350-E4127 and N3600.  There are optional antennas that coincide with the optional AM 8-Track Stereo; 27350-E4126 and E4128.

Here's some antenna porn from my files.  I don't know anything about the black coil antenna.  It has a different tip as well.  The Harada antenna is the one shown in my parts book and the tip is the blunt topped version with the black ring.

antenna rod kit.jpg



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