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Originally posted by mperdue

[bNow that I look at it this site is riddled with engrish. Cool!!!

It's actually http://babelfish.altavista.com that's doing an automated translation of the original Japanese page located here:


In other words, be glad you can read it at all.

Here's what this site looks like in Spanish:


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Thanks for the link to engrish mperdue - have to check this right out.

Bit worried that some of the models had a dash in the area for steering wheel - does this mean anythink???

Why would yopu ask the question anyway????:cry:

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yer surprising they are going for around 15k for a basic Z australian to around 40-50k for a good orginal, and around 35k for a perfect modded one, good priceing i think, if i were rich, id buy another.. haha

but yer what most attracted me was the 2 door early skylines, they are going for around 15-20k with a worked L28 etc, thats what i am looking at. also theres a 4 door early skylines twin turbo triple mukini intercooled L31. looks damn crayz

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Chuck in "S30" into the Automotive -> Parts search and feast your eyes....

Might not be a huge deal in the U.S with so many reproduction parts, but here, I am wondering how much shipping would cost :)

I also love it how the translator has translated something like "classic, vintage etc" into "medieval times" LOL

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