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I have been anticipating putting this panel on for several years now. The delay has been mostly due to finishing work on other areas of the car. I ordered it from MSA. Some other vendors may stock the part but I already decided I would go with theirs. It came packaged nicely and has an anti-corrosive applied for storage and shipping. Decent grade of metal also. In the first picture the holes are cut in either side because I was going to just patch it but I began thinking it probably would not look as good as the entire panel put in nicely. The second picture is the panel freshly unboxed and just lying there. I needed to check to see where trimming of the old rotted piece would be needed. The next two pics are after the 50 year old piece was removed. You can see a few spot weld drilled out spots. The rust happened as a result of just tack welding and seam sealer from years ago. Not quite sure why a continuous bead wasn't run other than the major factors of time and cost. I think I am going to run a continuous bead. The vertical panel will be sandblasted at least the top 1/2 before joining the two. Separation wasn't all that difficult but a small bit of reshaping was needed after the old panel was removed. As it comes together expect more pics. "GO LIKE HELL....YOU'LL GET THERE!








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I will be interested to see how you fabricate the inside corners on the quarter panels. Those areas are very thin on the original quarters...

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Its going to take some massaging and caressing but I have a plan. I actually test fitted those pieces over a year ago. I didn't put themon because I was waiting to put the striker panel on first and then build from there. If you look closely you will see the underneath frame work needs a little work. STAY TUNED!??

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