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need help car starts but will turn off after a few secs


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You are probably having trouble reading the circuit diagram because it's for a 77 model with one igniter pick-up in the distributor.

In your case, you have a pre 4/75 car (going on the bosch AFM) which had a dual pick-up with red, green & brown wires going to the terminal block on the inner fender and the TIU.

You changed the old distributor to a 79 280ZX distributor with a built in TIU. A lot of people on the forums call it the matchbox. Reading through this thread, you changed over the original TIU internal to the GM HEI module. I have not seen anything on how you disconnected the "matchbox"

If the match box TIU on the 79 distributor is working, I would use it and disconect the old remote TIU.

This tech article might be of some help. Its about disconnecting the matchbox and using a hei module.


If the matchbox tiu is still in place and functional all you need to do with the 79 dizzy is connect the two pins on the distributor tiu to a 12v coil. Disconect all the wires on the old tiu and it should run.



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yea ok i got it right then one thing i found out yesterday is that i opened the AFM i noticed that the AFM stays on the cut off point and kills my fuel pump but if i hold it a bit off it will stay running and can push the gas and all that and go up in rpms dose that mean my AFM is bad or my ecu ? it seems like it works after it worms up but flutter when gas is added 

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Looks like you need to adjust the reed switch for the fuel pump in the AFM. You can bend the arm that moves the reed contact it with a simple paar of pliers.

The PO may have played with the vane spring tension .There is a write up on www.atlanticz.ca on how to calibrate the spring




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OK SO now I got her to idle it get s rough randomly but will go back to normal idle whit out gas input it stays on but if I touch gas it will start like limping and die and it started whit white smoke out the back but now it’s turning blue idk what’s going on maybe the engine is going bad or some but it might be a bit rich or some of burning old gas 

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