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  1. i mean the harness that i need to cut up the passenger side harness for gages and relays and all that good stuff to run stock gages
  2. Yea ok so it is oil pressure and yes the old engine came with a auto transs but I swapped it to a five spd was going to ask have any of you heard of a custom wiring harness ? That I can just buy I rather buy a good one then end up Messing mine up
  3. the thing about the harness that is in the car now is weird because it dose not have the wiring for the side oil pressure or oil temp sensor (do not remember what it is) you find on the right side of the block.
  4. Ok so I get that I have to just put in the engine harness but what do I do with the old harness that hose into my passenger side that hooks up to my gauge I’m so confused on that if I want to run my old gauges what do I do
  5. yea thats what i was worried about sense theres a whole other harness full of relays and stuff
  6. do you mean put in the wiring harness from the 81 into my 75 and connect all the the plugs running to my gauges ? if so the plugs dont fit
  7. So if I run everything from the 81 on 75 how would I run my gages and stuff
  8. sound easy enough so you say you got a new harness and ecu what did you go with and anything helps thank you a lot i was having a big head ache because i was thinking that you needed all the relays and all that but it seams easier then that
  9. I am swapping my engine out for a 81 turbo model on my 75 280z what I was wondering is what harnesses I need in order to get my car running I have all the harnesses from the 81 l28det from inside to outside would I have to swap all the harnesses but be able to run the 75 280z gage harness ?
  10. OK SO now I got her to idle it get s rough randomly but will go back to normal idle whit out gas input it stays on but if I touch gas it will start like limping and die and it started whit white smoke out the back but now it’s turning blue idk what’s going on maybe the engine is going bad or some but it might be a bit rich or some of burning old gas
  11. yea ok i got it right then one thing i found out yesterday is that i opened the AFM i noticed that the AFM stays on the cut off point and kills my fuel pump but if i hold it a bit off it will stay running and can push the gas and all that and go up in rpms dose that mean my AFM is bad or my ecu ? it seems like it works after it worms up but flutter when gas is added
  12. I HAVE a question where on this dose the dizzy connect to ? To the terminal box in the picture ? Or to coil
  13. so this car has 2 flasher relays ? there is another relay that says flasher relay on it and its looks the same a bit smaller and its like a gold color
  14. The battery grounds are clean I was wondering what this little thing is for ?
  15. hmm @EuroDat yes it was on the ground and when i got it running it sparked on the metal on the ground and it shut off thats one reason why i did the swap on the transistor after that it didnt run any more i noticed today when i was working on it that when i hold down the gas while cranking it will run for a sec then shut off. what where you talking about the thing in front of my battery that can go out ?
  16. @EuroDat ok so to your first question yes it is a 79 280zx distributor i dont know if its a D6K9 it dose have external HEI witch is the little box outside it right if so yes. to your second question yes no more ballast. on to the third question yes new coil it is a BWD coil it is a 12v not to sure on the amp number how would i check that?. fourth question i did check the wires didnt do a supper deep check but they seem good i will go over them again and clean and check for swollen parts for all three wires. sixth question i have not installed one yet but i been meaning to will try and do i
  17. yes disconnecting the plug on the bottom and it will start but before doing so it will stay cranking and it will not start my car it is a 75 but not sure what year the engine came out of sense last owner did a poor job on the swap the reason why im having this problem its because last owner left the transistor sys on the ground and it sparked and i dont know what it could of killed it was running and driving when i got it so what i did is changed the ign sys whit a gm part instead of the transistor i know my relay that controls my injectors works so i dont know what else it can be
  18. Ok guys so I can get my car running for a few seconds whit out any throttle then die out I got it to do it by disconnecting my afm dose that mean I need a new one ? It looks pretty clean in side it idk what else can be i also cranked it when cover was off and it looks like it just flickers back and forth fast can it be that some else going to the afm is bad ?
  19. the weird thing is that i dont have non of those grounds on my car the two that it shows on the picture and i will see what is happening to my afm
  20. i have that same feeling a leak somewhere or injectors in a way i have all my hoses connected i will see if i find any cracks anywhere
  21. haha yea i get you man thats why i get to you guys late because i work during the day and wait till i get to my computer. also i will see about the pressure
  22. ok sounds good i will try this hopefully it works i do have a feeling that its something to do whit injectors but i will give this a go
  23. Fuel is flowing pretty good I changed the fuel filter at the front and still dose the same thing what este can there be other then fuel is there a fuse or relay that can go bad ? I heard that I could of shorted the transistor sys what else can go out if something like that happens ?
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