[SOLD] Interior Components, Bits & Pieces

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    Variety of S30 interior parts and pieces available, all in very nice usable and functional condition.  Prices do not include shipping.

    Storage Compartment Lids, two available.  $15 each; $25 for both.  SOLD

    Brake Boot Lever, MSA brand.  $9.   SOLD

    Radio Mounting Bracket.  $5.

    Glove Box Door.  $20 (door only; the glove box itself is sold).

    Glove Box Lamp, good working condition (two are pictured, but only have one available.)  $5.

    Heater/Defroster Center Console Panel, two available:  $40 and $15 respectively; or $50 for both.   Both SOLD.

       -- The first one is in very nice original condition.  Map light works; Seat Belt lamp works.  Plastic and vent controls all in excellent condition.  $40.

       -- The second panel is in ok condition, but has been slightly boogered up over the years.  One of the vent control tabs is broken and the warning lamps panels have both been drilled for aftermarket indicator lights.  The map light works well.  $15. 

    Thanks for looking!















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    parts sold

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    I'd like the brake boot.

    PM on it's way.


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    Warty, sorry -- radio bracket is gone.  I haven't done a good job keeping this post updated since they restructured the ads.

    siteunseen, thanks for the assist.

    Admins, this ad can be closed/deleted if so desired.

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