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Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

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Vintage Sk throttle body update. I think I found a injector style I like and a oring I like. The injector has a long nozzle and 8 tiny spray holes. The O-ring is some  Porsche 16.5mm one meant to adapt newer style injectors, but fits perfectly. Almost too tight, but firmly presses in.  Shouldn’t leak air at all and remain snug. 

I also picked a fuel rail for my vintage ITB. It’s the stock that Tsumori uses in Japan. I couldn’t find anything I loved. I will be doing clear anodized on the fuel rail parts. 








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On 9/13/2019 at 8:04 PM, duffymahoney said:

Also got my Jeep cas back from the machine shop. It’s nice and tight on the keyed shaft. Should work perfectly. I used the original dizzy collar as well. 







Hey Duffy,

Can you detail for us what the machine shop did to make this fit? I have heard of this but I didn't know what modifications were needed.

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I honestly just gave him an old distributor and then the jeep cas.  I told him to make the jeep identical to the stock dizzy.  I believe he cut the shaft, then he mimicked the slot.  Then drilled the shaft for the stock pin.  Then pinned it together.   

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4 minutes ago, conedodger said:

I'm having a hard time imagining that the orientation of the slot is not important... 

You aren’t getting the full signal for the motor. Your just tell the ecu exactly what stroke it’s on. 

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