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510 signal problems


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We are having a new turn signal problem. If the right turn signal is on it flashes properly with the brake lights on or off. If the left signal is on all the lights flash like the hazards are on and if you step on the brake they become solid (no flashing). anyone please feel free to comment...

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Start with the left rear. Remove the bulbs and inspect the sockets. Look for a cracked insulator on sockets that take an 1157 bulb. Look to see if an 1156 bulb was used in a 1157 style base. (Single filament bulb in a dual filament socket)

Test with the bulbs out. See if the problem remains.

Also post that wiring diagram for the 510 again.

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I found the wiring diagram you posted before. The 510 doesn't have the same potential for cross connections as the 240Z. The turn signal switch on the 510 does not affect the brake light circuit. Also the turn signals and brake lights only share a ground. They are in different sockets. The tail light housing serves as the grounding point for the bulb sockets.

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2 hours ago, NVZEE said:

Here's a color diagram from 510maester Kelvin Dietz that doesn't solve the immediate problem but is a good thing to have handy:


Thanks for that

Steve, We will start with that on Saturday

Thanks guys, I will update when I have some results


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Well this is where we're at:

With everything plugged in, in left turn all the exterior lights blink but only the left turn on the dash blinks.

We unplugged the front left turn signal, both rear brakes lights still flash when the stalk is on left turn, but the left turn still blinks properly

With the front signal unplugged and the left rear bulbs removed the right turn still blinks in the left turn position.

If the brake is pressed in any of these positions the brakes lights quit blinking and become solid

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8 hours ago, SteveJ said:

I'm thinking there might be a ground issue somewhere here. There aren't any dual filament bulbs for the turn signals, are there?


We took the bulbs out on the drivers side entirely. So that should eliminate an issue of the wrong bulb in the wrong socket. There was a duel filament bulb in the taillight. You know, we had the signals sorted after you came up the last time and now they don't work. My assumptions were: bad signal switch, bad hazard switch or bad grounds. I had thought I would unplug the signal switch and jumper the left turn signal and see if works correctly to try to narrow down the problem...Any issue with that?

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