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280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration


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PARTS WANTED,  Preferably out of europe...

I'm looking for a inner bar and … if it's a perfect one..  a chrome piece (stainless steel..) of the 280zx rear bumper.  It has to be the 1979-1981 type.  The later one ivé got but that one does not fit directly into the rubber cover..  Also there is a "hight" difference in the bar. (when laying on the hollow side.)





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Still waiting for the painter to paint my 280zx...  Last month he had an accident …  broken pols/hand and some ribs… :facepalm::angry:

After many other jobs that were more important (to him!) i told him i've waited long enough…  next year the 280zx 1979, becomes 40 ! years old and has to get finished !

So i told him it needs to finish before april!  I hope he get's it or otherwise i WILL get it home and finish it myself (have done painting early myself..)  

In the meantime i found a rear bumper that i can use, sandblasted the inner beam and busy with the chrome (stainless) part.  Bought myself an English wheel!  to get the small dents out.


Only thing i'm looking for is now the analog clock (or set of 3 meters) and the gearstick knob.. that is.. the top plate of the knob with the double H with gears1 to 5 and R....  The old one was a bit vague..  (this knob is very light bleu fake leather with aluminum plate on top with black letters and double H pattern.)

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So 23 of may… 2019!  i had to take my car unfinished home...   What an A...hole...  After 4 years my painter did'nt keep his word..  I'm to sick to tell the whole story but i miss my windshield that cost me a lot.. and payd for paint i never saw..

Year ago i brought him a super clean as new dash, i got it back covered in plaster dust (it layed in his house wich he was rebuilding..)  a mesh...

Cobwebs and all..  also a pic of cleaned seats.. not bad for forty year old ones hey!!

280zx stoelen (1).jpg


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The horns were sandblasted.. they don't work any longer .. ?

(very dark olive green ones...  is this correct for a 280zx 1979.. YES! )

Question: has someone taken them apart already? (don't need to invent the wheel 2 times..)  is it the sandblasting material that gets into a contact or so inside? does someone know an answer how to fix these low and high both are dead..  ( meter says open contact..)

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The Horns are working again!  Take the 6 screws out (on the front) at the edge, NOT the middle one.. leave that one in.  There is a contact under the small steel bridge.. this bridge is adjustibke by the screw on the back.  Clean the contact and adjust the screw on the back out..  In my case there was some sand or grit between the contacts, clean it thoroughly. put it al together and connect it to a battery or pwrsupply. (12v at least 3 A)  then adjust the screw on the back in so it sounds as it should…  paint it and ready to install.

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