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What have we done to deserve this?


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Almost everyday of the week there is some type of "reality" show on TV.... not that they really show anything that even closely resembles reality in anyones lives or anything that will or might happen in the majority of our lives...

Now, we have a new one soon to be released on us. Hosted by none other than the biggest joke in the last 10 years, a brunette "Miss Piggy" who never learned how to have her clothes dry-cleaned.

We didn't want to see her homely mug on the news for weeks and months on end, and now some moron is going to give her a show to host on TV?

Are these network "executives" using the same kinds of drugs that the "designers" of the new autos on the market are using?

I guess "little" miss Monica couldn't get a Playboy spread since she sure as hell isn't centerfold material like Paula Jones....

Guess it's time to start working on the car at night or go to

Wal-mart and buy the next series of MASH videos...

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Yep. That bad news is they do it because lots of people will watch it. There are also lots of people who buy stuff they see in TV infomercials. There are even some people who respond to spam e-mail. The best answer is to ignore all of that stuff.

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Working on the car is indeed a good alternative to TV. But then, so is watching the grass grow. Especially now with so much "reality" junk. They do it because the folks with disposable income and not much sense watch it and, as mentioned before, it sells products. And our youth are growing up with this! Well, some of us grew up with Glligan's Island, and most of us turned out alright I guess. We need to remember that the TV set has an OFF button.

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Hey Ozzy Guy, get back to "reality"! Besides, has little Herman ever failed you? I bet not. Size only matters in the NFL, or so I console myself. As for Monica, only in the US can the simple act of giving h... make a millionaire out of you. Amazing that we can be entertained for so long by something so common. Well, maybe not amazing.

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I rarely watch tv anymore and spam mail drives me nuts sometimes you feel like sending abusive email back but then I think reasonably and realise ummm nobody would even listen.

Nothing safe MSN now has random people telling me that I can see Stephanie do her thing at yayaya.com. You can try blocking it but there's always that one that get's through.

To pass the time I play online game(Big time waster). Hang around this forum trying to learn as much as possible about cars, reply to posts, upload photo's you get the idea.

I think what you guys say is right there is that off button on the TV.

PS: 2 Many I agree they must be on some form of weird drugs.

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Sounds like a great show; will she share her "technique"? Mandatory viewing for the wife. :devious:

The wife might have different ideas though.:tapemouth

I only hope it's not on at the same time as Monday Nite RAW. Goldberg rules.

Side note: I'm ashamed to admit that I watched most of the 2nd season of the Batchelor.... never again. ... there I fessed up, and I feel better.

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