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I have tried to order parts off MSA on four separate occassions. The only time they have taken my money and actually sent me something, was when I ordered their catalog.

On the other hand Vic British have been nothing but helpfull and on the three occasions I have ordered parts off them it has taken longer to get them through customs than it's taken the parts to get here.

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I've ordered from MSA a number of times (including purchasing a front & rear spoiler). They have been very helpful.

Pity they aren't open on Thanksgiving when I called in to have a look when I was in the neighbourhood.....

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I've purchased many things from MSA, and only had vey minor problems with a few items. They have also taken back parts that other companies would not have even considered taking back. On two occasions they found used parts for my needs which were NLA from Nissan. I cannot complain about the service I have received. I'm a satisfied customer & will continue to be one.

Keep in mind, their "on-line store" is very new. I'm sure they willl improve it as time goes on. In the mean time, let them know what you don't like about the on-line store, and continue to order by phone as before.

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So what do you have to do to be a "Group Z" member to get that discount ... ? Is that the same as being a member on this site? Or what?

Let me know kay man. Can you get that discount by ordering on the phone too?


Matthew B

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