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  1. Just a quick note to let you all know that my Z sold on ebay for $8500. I bought it on ebay in 2001 for $7200 and have a total of around $11,000 in it. It's a great car and I'm sad to see it go but such is life.
  2. My '72 240 is a beauty and is for sale. I have a post about it here in Open Discussion pointing to the classified. It's also on ebay currently. My reserve is $8500 and I'm on the east coast. This might not work for the original poster in this thread, bit it is a possibility for spdklz02. Take a look.
  3. It's been quite some time since I've posted here, and I'm sad to say that this post is to point you to my classified ad for my Z. Take a look if you're in the market for a very clean 240Z. I'd like to add my thanks to the many people that frequent this site that have always been so kind and generous. This is a great community and even though I'm selling my Z, I'll always be a Z owner at heart.
  4. Ok I verified that the alternator is externally regulated, both the alternator and the voltage regulator were replaced last summer. So it appears the alternator is not the culpret. I hope to find some time this weekend to start troubleshooting the rest of the circuit.
  5. Ok I'll give it a whirl, but what puzzles me is that the fuse doesn't blow as soon as power is supplied to it, or even at engine idle speed. It seems like it only blows after I increase the engine's rpm's. edit: BK240, I haven't touched the alternator since it was installed. How do I tell if it's internally or externally regulated?
  6. the saga continues. so far my battery has completely drained twice in the last week. the first thing anyone looks at is the alternator, and since mine is fairly recently installed (new reman), I took it to the shop that installed it to test it. During testing, we verified two things: 1) the alternator is in good working order, and 2) w/o the Ign fuse, the alternator is cut off and the car is running directly from the battery. This explains why my battery has been dying, but it doesn't solve my problem yet. the shop is willing to look at each component on that fuse and try to find the short (with the assistance of the wiring diagram), so hopefully i'll have an answer soon. edit: Keith, I may just take you up on your harness offer. I have the feeling sooner or later I'm going to need one. Let me know if and when you get to it, if it's worth salvaging.
  7. I'm sorry Keith, I know I'm not doing 240Z ownership any justice with this post, but I need to get this worked out. If it's as simple as a new starter, I'm exstatic. Sorry for not reading that in your first post.
  8. now that you mention corrosion... when my battery had come out of the hold-down and was on it's side, battery acid leaked onto the starter. The bolts are now corroded and the starter looks like crap. Could that corroded hardware be the culprit?
  9. Considering what my car's electrical system has been through, and the trouble I am having now, should I be considering replacing the dash harness altogether? And if so, how hard is a good one to locate? Does anyone have a good source for these?
  10. Update on battery situation: I took the battery to Pep-Boys to have it tested. BTW this battery is an Energizer, Group 75/86DT, 700/875CCA. The battery tested fine, just drained, so they charged it and ok-ed it. While I waited for it to charge I checked out the group 24 batteries. I had the salesman measure the dimensions, and I was surprised to find it is even bigger than the one I have. So I took my battery home, made sure it was secure in the tray, installed terminal covers, and fired the car up. It ran fine, so I installed a new 20A fuse in the Ign slot, and sure enough it blew after a few minutes on the road. My questions are: 1) How do I tell if the fusible link is good or bad? I looked at the one in line with the battery and had no idea what to look for. Apart from obvious defects like burns, or a broken piece, I couldn't see anything wrong. 2) Is this size/type of battery going to cause problems?
  11. Hi Keith, nice to talk to you again. Been very busy for quite a while now, trying not to let my Z run my life but it's not easy . There's always something... I was just looking over the parts list at MidwestZ and I thought, "Damn, I could drop some serious cash here". Thanks to you guys for some good advice. I'll try to get this straightened out this weekend. I need to finish by Sunday morning though, cuz Sunday afternoon has [sitting on my arse drinking beer and watching golf] written all over it.
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