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Matthew Abate

1973 Rebuild

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@Zed Head Here is a picture of the instructions for the sway bar brackets.


I am thinking of putting a 1/16th inch thick washer between the bracket and the point where it mounts in order to create the gap but also be able to torque all of the bolts to factory specifications.


In other news, I installed the Toyota front calipers. They’re only finger right right now. I have some 5mm longer JIS bolts coming in the mail tomorrow.

Im just bummed that the calipers aren’t the same color. Looks like I have a caliper painting project in my future.

1. Marked the material to remove from the dust shields


2. Removed as little as possible with tin snips


3. Test fit


4. Filed smooth, masked, and sprayed with POR-15 Top Coat


5. Caliper in place (Finger tight)


6. Left front after a quick wipe down


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Update to the sway bar bolt question:

I got an email back from the manufacturer and they said, “Ok I cross referenced and go ahead and torque down to factory specs on those pivot bushings.”

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I read the instructions as saying to fit the bushing to the bracket with that 1/16" gap BEFORE torqueing it down. In other words they only want the bushing to be compressed by 1/16".

On your first caliper picture I'd say just be sure that the channel that leads from the bleed screw goes to the top of the bore.  It looks like it might be a straight shot to the bottom f the bore in your picture.  Some applications have the channel leading to the side of the bore and you have to remove one bolt and pivot the caliper to get the bubble at the channel to the bleed screw.  Basically, you just have to think in terms of air bubbles.


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Gave the Toyota calipers a quick spay to make them match the maxima calipers...



@Zed Head was right about the rears being on wrong. Got that fixed.

Unfortunately I can’t find wheel weights that will work on these little 14” Shelby rims without hitting the calipers. Unless I can find some that are 2mm thick I might have to get new wheels before this car can go on the road.

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