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Need Choke Cable Clip - Anyone?

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i'm missing one of the choke cable clips for my 3-screw su's. this is the little question-mark shaped clamp that mounts to a plate attached to the carb body and clamps down on the end of the choke cable housing to hold it in place. 


anyone have this little piece to sell? i believe they are "handed" (front vs. back) so i'll check which carb it is and post a pic when i get home...


thanks in advance!

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Well, here's some carb trivia that I just learned... They changed those clips somewhere along the way. Earlier round tops used a different clamping scheme. Here's what the older version looks like. This is what I was thinking of when you said you needed a clip:



However, your carbs don't use that scheme. But here's the thing... I knew I had seen cable clamps like the one you need, and then it struck me... Flat tops! Here's a cable clamp from a 74 flat top that looks like it would work perfect and it's yours if you would like:




Assuming the size is about the same, the only significant difference is that the later versions are slotted where the screw mounts. This allows for more adjustability for variations in cable sheath thickness. I can send two of the slotted versions if you want both sides to match.


Send me PM for shipping details?

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I found out there were two ways to clamp the cables when I noticed that one carb was a 4 screw and one was a 3 screw put on by the dealership in 1980.  I switched out both of those carbs for a pair of 4 screw in 2010.  Thats when I noticed both were different.  It was a real head scratcher for a while.  Lucky I had a parts bin that had a spare in it.


Bonzi Lon

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