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1976 280Z Restoration Project

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Sure is pretty!!
I wish my paint still looked like that! The PO did a clear coat and it started getting dandruff a year or so ago. All the sky-facing surfaces have peeled up like a 3rd degree sunburn. 

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Installed the 3 Row Champion radiator. I got a crazy deal on it a long time ago and it is for a 280ZX but the only difference is the centre drain. I modded the splash pan to compensate and now it fits great!






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Finished routing the AC lines and used the quikclip kit to attach all the fittings.

10 from the evaporator to the pump, 8 to the top of the condenser, 6 from the condenser to the drier, 6 from the dryer to the evaporator.




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So here’s something cool. I have a couple sets of the rear tail light finishers and none are great. I tested a small broken piece by first media blasting it gently, then spraying it with Duplicolor Graphite wheel paint and right beside that, some commercial chrome spray paint. I think I can live with this until I can afford re-chromed bezels....!



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Some more progress on various fronts. I have installed the refurbished factory fan clutch and fan in the car for now. I had a Ford Taurus fan from a JY but there is no way that will for between the rad and L series engine. I like the look of the factory fan in there anyways... This allowed me to install the silicone rad hoses as well. I also installed the cold air intake pipe and hose routing this was key as I had to ensure that the AC lines and the hood hinges cleared properly. Keeping with the front end theme, I spent about three hours cleaning and refurbing the front indicator housings and wires. They had been liberally coated in undercoating somehow by the PO. I will leave the lens polishing for later. The surrounds for the indicators were also somewhat chipped so I tried to use some epoxy to build up damaged areas. I will see if it held well enough to sand and paint today. I installed the centre valance to ensure it cleared the horn mounts and fit along with @EuroDat  's 240 bumper conversion kit. Of course it did! I routed my secret hood release cable into position and found a nice spot to access it in case of power loss. I started disassembling and cleaning up the taillight surrounds. While all this was going on I received a package with exhaust hangers that I will weld into place (on the pipe) to secure the exhaust pipe to the factory mounts.

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Hot Damn!! 
what a gorgeous ride - well done. 
reminds me of better days with mine. 
Yesterday I got her running to move her into storage (to await the second restoration). It’s been a year since the crash and I’d forgotten how much fun she was to drive! 



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