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Danish 240z

Datsun 240Z shirts

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Oh cool, glad you posted this. I just bought a similar one from Blipshift.com


Unfortunately it didn't occur to me to post it up here until after their sale period ended. :( Blipshift only sells one design at a time and this one isn't for sale anymore but it's a cool site to check from time to time for new designs. They have stickers too!

I kinda like the Z logo on the teespring shirt a little better than the blipshift shirt's "cloud" logo...

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I really liked the Tee Springs shirts so I ordered 2 of them yesterday after reading this thread. Got an immediate confirmation saying my order had been placed.

However, this morning I received this note from Tee Spring:

Dear Mike,

We're reaching out to you about your recent “Z-Car shirts!” order with Teespring.

Unfortunately, Z-Car shirts! (Z-Car shirts! | Teespring) is currently being reviewed for copyright or trademark infringement. As a result we have temporarily suspended your order. You will see a cancellation or credit in your account within 5 business days.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are committed to respecting everyone's intellectual property.

Apologies, Team Teespring

Not sure if / when this will be resolved but thought I would let everyone know about the present situation before they went through the same thing I just did.


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