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  1. Some of you have probably already seen it. Came up on my facebook, I ordered one in red link here: https://www.gearbubble.com/gbstore/zcars
  2. I just got this in my facebook newsfeed and I thought some of you guys might be interested as well http://teespring.com/z-car
  3. Hey, I just got this up in my facebook newsfeed and preordered two, it might be something for you guys, only a few days left to order :-) http://teespring.com/datsun <a href="http://teespring.com/datsun"><img src="http://s14.postimg.org/5k2e4pyoh/image.jpg"></a>
  4. Hi,what color red is that, thanks scott email rha2262121@aol.com

  5. Hi Jason. I am also here to help you like Chris, we are more than happy with getting more Z owners (and cars?) to Denmark. Not many 240Z parts is avalible in Europe, but you can get many used parts from UK. (Zclub.net) The american sites I use the most for parts is: Ebay.com Zcarparts.com Blackdragonauto.com Hi Chris I am actually from Silkeborg. :-) - Sebastian (Hvordan går det med Zclub, har du fundet ud af noget med medlemskabet? )
  6. Thank you for the tip, but Classic Datsun Motorsports dont have them new (i want new) and MSA is more expensive..
  7. Hi! I am looking for the cheapest NOS panels. The cheapest i have found is 575$ for a pair at New-Datsun-Parts.com :bulb: Is there anywhere to get them cheaper? - Kind regards Sebastian Denmark
  8. Nice! Hope i soon get mine, there is shipping time to Denmark But it is with US Priority mail.
  9. Thank you for the advice! :-) I have found a very local company named Rocol, which make "ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE STAINLESS" • Wide temperature range: -40 ° C to +1000 ° C • Effective protection in wet and corrosive environments • Prevents sticking with longterm exposure to high temperatures • Approved to MSRR 4008, Rolls Royce PIC OMAT 4/62 • Low sulfur and chlorine content (less than 200 ppm) (Translated with Google Translate)
  10. Okay, thank you very much for the info! I have just seen your pictures of the kits in the plastic bags - looking forward to get mine! About the suspension and underbody, - I have the most of it mounted. But when i need anything i am sure Chris will help to choose the right strength.
  11. Thank you for the advice. Now I know they are all metric! But i have decided to buy from MMS & Accessories. I got a great discount so now i have ordered for the whole car, for a total price of 494$ inclusive shipping. (2700DKK) - Vi snakkes ved
  12. I have just been looking on these kits: http://mmsacc-stainless.com/html/Datsun.htm I am close to buying many of the kits. But, then a question came in my head. You Americans use inches, and i am pretty sure that my European 240Z 71 is with metric? Anyone knows any facts about metric in Japan and Europe - and inches in US? Is it true :bulb: Hope you will help! Thank you! Kind regards from Denmark
  13. Okay, maybe I need to go to Winquist or import one from the US ($$$ ) Have you seen that Lars Feldskov is selling his Datsun racecar (it was on danish numberplates last year at CHGP) for a whopping 370.000kr (49.000 Euro) http://www.racecarsdirect.com/listing/33186/Datsun_240Z_FIAHTP_Race_car.html Please send your email in a pm
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