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240Z Model

Z Kid

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Well I was in the local model shop today near uni, trying to kill some time between uni finishing, and the drinking starting, as usual on the prowl for a nice and ok priced 240z model. Well having just about given up, finding only a 432R model, I looked up on the shelf to see a limited edition re-released model by (can't remember, could be koyosho? some japanese company). However here is the problem, it costs a mint, and the guy wont open the box unless i buy it, in which case i can open the box anyhow. Well its a re-released model kit for one of the EAS cars, its a good scale 1:12, I'd rather have a stock looking car, does anyones local model shop have one of the 240Z kits in it before i spent a large sum of money on this kit.

Cheers Chris

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That revell kit is 1/24th scale. The only 1/12th scale kit I know of is the one released by Tamiya. Fujimi might have one, however I am not all that familiar with their kits. THe tamiya kit is a G nose 240 and is brown in color on the box.

It's a great kit and mine is almost done!!

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plastic kits

Fujimi : has 1/24 and 1/20 scale model. Not bad, lot of options inside... 240Z, 240 ZG, racing one...

Tamiya : has one very good 1/12 ZG

Revel : a so so 240Z +- 1/20-24 good for the wheels so !

Nichimo : racing ZG, mouarf !!!!

Arii : 1/32 ???????? boy racer 240z

metal models

Kyoho above the rest ... best $/oz

Ebro ...

Franklin Mindt very good but $/oz not as good as Kyosho

Sun star ??? I use it for paint experiments...

Well that all I know about our hobby hobby

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The Z is one of the red and black East Africa Safari ones I think, and is a very limited production according to the model shop(hell for that price i want a Z i can drive) Its a kit from the 70's that they have re-released for a short production run, the model shop got 2, a stockie which was gone by the time i got there, and this, the rally car. I might revisit on monday, but 160bucks is a lot of money for a plastic model, even though if done properly it has working suspension, steering, semi-pneumatic tyres, realistic drivers etc etc.

Its tempting, but not sure if its tempting enough.

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Z Kid

I know the model you refer to, I saw one in a Perth model shop a couple of years ago, it was more than $160 so would suggest that is not a bad price, I didn't buy it cos I couldn't get my brain past the fact that it was nearly $200 bucks of plastic!!

I don't go mad on models but have a couple of Kyosho 240's and a 1/24 scale Burrago model which is mint boxed and was manufacured in 1972, crap compared to models of today but a nice early model all the same.



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