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  1. Hi Joseph Just to clarify, my car is a 1970 and is fitted with the Kangol belts, I will also contact a couple of my mates who have early Zed's and see what they have fitted. Lee
  2. Hi Joseph Thanks for the info, very interesting, my car has the Kangol belts as you have suggested in your reply. I find it hard to believe that the original belt could have been worse than the Kangol design. Looks like my car was'nt 100% original even when it was brand new:( Thanks again for the info Joseph, at least I know the car has original belts even if it is the Aussie version of original. Lee
  3. Hi Guy's Because I got such good feedback from my last question regards 240z radio's, I'll push my luck and ask another. My last 240z which was a 1972 car had seatbelts with chrome buckles with Datsun written in red lettering across the buckle (from memory) Another car I owned had belts with chrome buckles with just the letter Z on the release button, can anyone please advise if either of these was from a 1970 car, if it was'nt either of these please advise what is correct. As you may have guessed I am trying to get my car back to as close to original as possible and need to know exactly what to look for. Thanks for any help given. Regards Lee
  4. Thanks for the great info guy's, your advice will help me a lot in my search for an original 1970 radio (now I know exactly what I'm looking for. Particular thanks to Enrique for the in depth response and for pointing out the face plate configuration, had'nt even noticed that. Thanks Lee
  5. Thanks 26th Z for the pictures it's much appreciated, However I would be grateful if you could take a look at the attached, Enrique has advised that the earliest radio's were AM only and had the toggle switch to the side, as you will see this unit has FM clearly marked on the buttons but has the switch to the side. Can you advise which model year this may have come from. Thank again Lee
  6. Thanks Enrique Appreciate your help Lee
  7. Hi all Can someone please advise me as to what is the correct radio for a 1970 240z. I have seen several radios where there is a small switch above the knob on the right hand side unit but a mate of mine who has a nice original 1970 car has a radio that has a switch on the right hand side of the knob not above it, I assume this is the correct radio spec for a 1970 car but not totally sure, would appreciate some advice. Thanks Lee
  8. Hi Guy's Just thought I would say that I concur with Alan re bidding on Ebay, there have been several items I would dearly have liked over the last week or so but have missed out for the very reason Alan stated in his post, one guy did change his shipping to worldwide as a result of my e-mail to him but most do not respond to my enquiries. Of more annoyance is people who advertise their willingness to ship worldwide but request international bidders to e-mail them first for a quote on shipping charges, each time I have read this I have complied with their request (for my benefit as well as theirs) but have only had one reply from the many e-mails I have sent. I thought the postal charges were high in Oz but you guy's suffer more than us it seems, my last purchase on ebay was a metal emblem, the seller charged me $10.00 shipping which I thought was a bit steep for one emblem, now I know why! Regards Lee

    Red Zed

    Thanks for the comment and rating Gav, much appreciated Lee
  10. Hey Alfadog Thanks for taking a look, glad you liked the photo's Lee 280z There are a few Zed's in W.A but not many series one cars, I only know of four or five but there could well be more. We are pretty isolated here in the West most people on this side of Oz have to look to the other side of Australia if they want a choice of Zed's cars for sale, even than it's quite limited. Lee
  11. Hi Datto_240z There was a couple of other Zeds's that I saw, one was a 1971 zed modified for racing in an orange colour (non original colour I think) and there was also a 260 2 seater but I only saw that from a distance, he had left before I could get a closer look. Your'e right it was hot but not as bad as last year, we also got a good rain shower in the afternoon. Lee
  12. Hi Peter Thanks for spotting that, all aussies install their steering wheels upside down, it's cos we live down underLOL Seriously though, I can't take the credit for the resto, I took the easy way out and paid someone to do it, he has done a few things that need to be rectified, one of which is correcting the steering wheel! Regards Lee
  13. Thanks for the kind words Ben, I still have quite a bit of work to do but I am getting there, my biggest problem is trying to get the hard to find bits, when I do see them on ebay the sellers don't always want to sell outside the USA, very frustrating. Thanks again Lee
  14. To anyone who might want to take a look, I have just uploaded some nice pics of two (just restored) early zed's here in Perth. Both nice virtually original 1970 cars They are on the home page latest gallery uploads (at the moment anyway) Regards Lee
  15. LEE240ZPERTH

    Red Zed

    Just restored 1970 Zed, matching numbers with nice plate for that finishing touch
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