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Which Shocks? and Where From?

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I need new shocks for my 1971 240Z and I don't seem to be able to find any in Sydney. I'm thinking Koni's or Tokico which seem to be the most popular with the rest of the club. What do you think?

Other than Victoria British can anyone suggest a mail order supplier elsewhere in the world? Tokico don't appear to sell direct or even list distributors. KONI doesn't even list Datsun as a supported model and 240's are not listed under Nissan there either.

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Apparently you can get 2 sorts of Konis - those which you'd have to take the strusts out to change the stiffness and the other sort which have a dial on the tops. If you get the ones with a dial it is a simple matter of turning the dial at the top until you get the stiffness you want.. That said, the don't strictly make these for zeds and you'd be looking at $800 a pair as they'd have to be modified to do this (well that's what I was quoted)....OUCH!!!!!!!

I can't believe zeds aren't listed. I tried a few places for my triumph and came up with no luck until I rang the distributors..they told me a part no. straight away. I'd ring them to find out what the part no is and then shop around..... failing that, ring a zed specialist, even if it is interstate.

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Koni Special-D inserts are PN's 86-1811 & 86-1812

They run ~$400 per pair.

You can also get KYB inserts for about 1/2 that price for non-adjustable (still very high quality ride) & around $700 each for motorsport models (Super-Special Street).

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I wacked on KYB's about six months ago. There okay but as I give them a good workout I notice that they start to fade after getting hot.

Most people I know jump onto the Koni's but as previously mentioned, not cheap. You could also look up Bilstein but they are dearer than the Koni's.

Try this site as they have on line quoting for shocks and seem to cater for all brands.



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I run Tokico Gold all round and they are super. To get what you want, I suggest you take these part numbers and approach allZ or Z16, SSS or even Sportclassic they should be able to find an agent for you.


Model: Year: Front: Rear: Front: Rear:

240Z/260Z 1970-74 1/2 HZ3015 HZ3016 BZ3015 BZ3016

260Z/280Z 1974 1/2-78 HZ3012 HZ3013 BZ3012 BZ3013

For more info on the two types:



Steve:classic: :classic:

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