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    I'm Back

    After four months of screaming Drill Sargents, 4:30am wake ups, and some really horrible food I'm back. And for future reference if you are ever near Ft. Leonard Wood MO. RUN! Well I'm off for about two weeks then it's time to go to Germany, just in time for Octoberfest! Quick question is there anyone in Germany on the board? Also I like the new layout.
  2. It drains the battery. Don't know how, only know that it happens.
  3. Yep my time has come Ben. It's all good though. I can't wait to spend spring and summer sweating my arse off in Missouri.
  4. Cool, good list going. Anything else?
  5. Well I'm going to have to put the Z in storage for about 5 months. I'm looking for a list of things I should do such as unhooking the battery. Thanks all.
  6. Stryder


    I feel the same way pal.
  7. Stryder


    Here is a link to a video, please watch it to the end. Thanks. Video
  8. Why does it not surprise me that you had that information.
  9. Stryder


    I'd pay a million bucks for this fine Z...what's that?...Oh, I seem to already own it.
  10. Hey Carl, excuse my ignorance but where the hell is Montrose?
  11. I wonder if anyone in in need of a bridge....
  12. Okay, that is so impossible. I just got home, it took me an hour but I finally found a tandem bike. I got four tries before they stopped getting back up. Not a single time was I able to knock off JUST the front guy. I wasted about an hour and a half. Oh well I need to wash off my car and do some quick bumper repairs.
  13. Quick question. Ya know those two person bikes? Do they count as 20 points since there are two people on it, or does it still count as 10 points?
  14. Okay, I got something now. The person who "tricked" this out must have been blind. Or at least he was after looking at it. MY EYES THEY BURN AHHHHH:dead: Edit: Damn that was sad.
  15. Yeah I just got anotherone today. What gives anyway?
  16. Nice that's one more. Oh yeah, Ben's correct, Carl is Bambikiller.
  17. Sunday the 21st at the Albertson's on Diablo road right off 680. here is the, map , the Albertson's is the yellow square right next to the freeway.
  18. Has anyone told Carl?
  19. Well I guess even though the chances of a random Z showing up I should tell you that I own a 73' 240 that is painted the dreaded Lime Green paint job:tapemouth 280z: That was messed up:devious: :devious:
  20. Is there an echo in here? Okay 11:30 K?
  21. Is it 11:30 or 12:00?
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