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stock 73 240z electric fuel filter part #


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I've searched until I have a headache---

I borrowed this image of the pump from Jarvo2's post--mine is identical to it.


This sheet shows the part number for the assembly. It doesn't come up when entered into a Courtesy Nissans part search.


My pump body is in great shape and it works electrically----but the internal filter is missing.

I'd like to replace the filter, but can't come up with a part number for it. (the filter)

My online part search for a 73 electric fuel pump filter repeatedly results in part number 16404-28530

This appears to me to be a filter for the Nismo (Facet) style pump which does not look like the one I posted above.

Does anyone know what the part number for this filter is??

Is there a suitable aftermarket replacement?

Thanks for any assistance!

Jim D.


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Page 9 of this document says it's a Mitsuba. http://www.xenons30.com/files/1973%20240z%201974%20260z%20fuel%20system%20modifications.pdf

Brand, I assume. If you search Mitsuba fuel pump on the internet you'll find many links to read. Maybe a filter from another model will fit. The big manufacturers tend to use common parts for many models.

Edited by Zed Head
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Many thanks for the link Zed Head!!

I looked and looked at the xenons30 site but never found that TSB that had the info----it's a Mitsuba FP-3.

Searched again for hours and found the filter in Germany!

Parts for Austin Healey BN1 - BJ8 ? Fuel pump - Limora Oldtimer GmbH & Co. KG

6.90 Euros + shipping for the filter

I may try the search for a domestic supplier of competition parts for the Austin Healey models it was used on.

Thanks again!!

Jim D.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Wurst comes to worst, I have a like-new used one that I pulled from a dead pump (a perfectly clean, shiny inside and out, nearly new-appearing but dead pump might I add, dang it) that I'll send for the price of a stamp.

Sure would like to find new replacement pumps too... There I go off topic again, slightly....

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Thanks to all for your responses---I thought the thread would die a quick death--but to my surprise, this gives me hope.

Zcars---you are incredible---is there anything you don't have??

If you would please, send me your address and I will thankfully take you up o your most kind offer. As it turns out, there is supposed to be a lightweight spring which is underneath the filter and keeps positive contact with the filter bottom metal part and keeps the filter from slipping down on the pump shaft. Does your non-op pump still have this piece? Mine is missing. I will gladly pay for your parts so that another can live!

Steve---If your contact comes through, put me down for a couple.

Montezuma---The pumps are still available in Europe (Germany) and appear to be highly desirable for the Brit cars.

Here's a link to the site I found:

Parts for Austin Healey BN1 - BJ8 ? Fuel pump - Limora Oldtimer GmbH & Co. KG

They aren't cheap (about 198.00 Euros) and shipping is the real killer as it appears there is no inexpensive ways to get it here----around 40 Pounds minimum. They are real Mitsuba fuel pumps though.

The filter alone is 6.90 Euros but again shipping isn't affordable at all.

The German site will hand you off to their English division as they fulfill all orders to the US and Canada. That is where the 40 Pound minimum charge comes in.

Let me know what you find out if you pursue it.

U.K. E-bay has a Mitsuba look alike that appears identical, but the seller seem careful to not call it that. It is quite a bit less expensive at 68.00 Pounds with shipping around another 10.00 Pounds

Here is the link to it:

Mitsuba Type 12v Fuel Pump | eBay

Finally, to clear the filter type up--- the filters commonly found on E-Bay and Black Dragon and Motorsports and Courtesy Nissan and described as fitting all Nissan electric fuel pumps are for the Jiddosha Nikki pumps and will not work with the Mitsuba type.

The proper filter itself is constructed with a bottom metal plate that prevents the check valve of the pump from picking up fuel unless it has gone through the filter canister---the Jiddosha Nikki filters are open at the bottom and therefor the fuel would completely bypass the filtering element.

I do hope that some source can be found for the pumps and filters and that that source is also more affordable than the links I have provided.

Thanks again guys!

Jim D.


P.S. I don't know what is up with this text---words or phrases keep repeating oddly as I type. Damned bugs!

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Remember reading a post from someone with a Mallory 4070LP, makes 4 psi and has a nice bracket, as an alternative. I'm sticking with just the mechanical FP, seems like less to go wrong, although it's getting hard to find the stock type.

Wonder why Nissan used the two different types of electric FP's? Isn't the electric FP for carbureted Nissan pickups from the 80's about the same?

Maybe just put a metal can filter between the tank and the FP?

Edited by Stanley
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Hey Stanley!

The Mitsuba pumps are very reliable. They have a history in racing and rally.

This really isn't about finding a pump that will work---that is easy. It is about making what came originally on the car perform for as many more years as possible.

I do have an in-line clear filter that can easily be disassembled and cleaned as needed. It is mounted between the tank and the pump as a precaution.

Maybe I'm a little too far gone, but I want to put it back the way it was and is meant to be. Believe it or not it gives me some comfort, harkening back to an earlier time I miss.

Jim D.



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oh oh, Zup, from what you describe my filter might be no good to you. It has no metal plate on the end, its open both ends. Also didn't notice a spring in there, I'll look again though.

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