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Looking for a km/h speedometer!


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Matt: I have made 70 plates, 30 Euro and 40 Jdm. Im going to sell these when they are ready. I have 1 small problem with testing. Its winter here and my car is in storage so i cant test it for real. I have a guy in France how is interested in these and i will send a plate to him so he can test it. Still have to solve the transperent plastic (brake light etc) and the pin for the needle to rest on. And some painting in holes. So there are some work left but it looks like its going to be a very good alternative to the paper/stickers.

I dont think you could make a mph gauge read km. You need to change the internal with a kph speedo. Correct me if im wrong.

I put you on the list./Andreas

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Hi. Sorry for the time it has taken. My youngest daughter broke her right leg on ski holiday so everything else has been put in slowmotion mode. But now shes up walking again.

I will print the transparant plastic for the brake light next week (i found the right color i think) if i can get some free time in the machine.

Hope to have some plates ready in a couple of weeks.

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Hello Moelk


Is it possible to buy 3 Black speedoplates 240 km/h eurostyle from you? I need 2 for my 240Z cars , and my friend need one. Please write mee directly:

[email protected]


Greetings from Denmark


I've got 2 JDM speedometers that go up to 240 and 1 77-78 that goes up to  180

80 usd for each + shipping.



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Wow, shipping to Denmark is 2x the price as Germany from US. 

Looks like nobody wants the 77-78 speedo.  I guess it will be my new

wall art

Hello hr369
I Will be happy to buy both speedometer At 240 km/h
Please let mé know total incl shipping to Denmark
Do you use PayPal?
Please answer mé directly : [email protected]


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On 1/21/2014 at 6:39 PM, moelk said:


I ended up buying the jdm km/h speedoplate.

I have desided that i should make some replicas of my speedoplate. Would you think there be some interest of these in the Us aswell?

They will be made in plastic (same plastic as a well known sportscar from Germany uses in the interior).

I have made a scan of the plate and some photoshopwork ( still some work left ).

Im going to make 2 kind of plates, Jdm (yellow/red markings)and Euro (all black). What would you guys think would be most wanted?

Here are some pics of original Jdm s30 speedoplate and first print on paper with jdm/euro plate./Andreas



Hej Andreas

Har du någon mätartavla kvar att sälja, håller på att importera en 240Z -72 ? 

Mvh Micke


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