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changing wheels tires or both


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Hello all of you.

Some may have spoke with me some not I am cardogman1. I have this 71 240 as you may know in pristine condition when it starts. I am going crazy about what wheels and or tires or both to get. Presently the vehicle has new 185 70-14 bridgestones very close to original tires. The wheels are original

and the hubcaps are also. So this is my question or questions. First should I get different tires. If I do I'm thinking Yokohoma 205 hr60 15. I want the closest thing to original option wheels. Aluminum, polished maybe chrome but that's really not original. They didn't put chrome wheels on z cars in 1971. I'm thinking centerlines.No panasports to hard to clean. Cragers maybe. Can you folks recommend wheels and do you think I should change thtires or keep what I have and instead of getting 15x7s get 14x6s. Did you get all that. Please no new designs that you would see on a cadillac escalade something vintage, muscle that kind of thing.Or should I just leave what I have for total oiginality the problem is they look horrible. Does nothing for the car.

Thanks can't wait to hear from you.


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I prefer the Libre Wheels (after my favorite Panasports, which BTW are less difficult to clean than you might imagine) in 14" x 6" size. 15" rims will give you more options for performance tires, but since you chose not to use urethane bushings, I'm thinking performance wheels would not be a major priority for this car.

Your (our) options for wheels are limited due to the offset requirements of the Z which are far different from the modern cars currently produced.

Let us know what you choose, Burt!


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Burt, forget American Racing if you want new wheels. They used to have a lot of choices of styles in 14 inch and 4 lug. The last time I looked, they only had one style of wheel that was available in 4 lug.:disappoin

I personally like the Panasports the best, they are a vintage look on a Z, they don't have a lot of hard places to clean like some do.

The Revolutions are OK, but I believe they have such a thick hub flange that longer studs are almost a necessity.

I believe Royce has a set on his car, you might try PM'ing him to see if he had any trouble with the wheel studs being a bit too short.

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Hi Burt.

If I recall correctly, you bought a red 240Z.

I had a British Racing Green 280Z that I put 14X6 Enkie style mesh wheels (actually Western Wheels version) on that had the gold mesh with polished aluminum rims (outer portion) and 2 ear knockoffs. These wheels gave it a traditional sports car look that I like.

I've seen photos of this wheel/knockoff combo on red Z cars that look very nice.

I can't recall what size tires I had on them though. Probably 205/60/14's. I do remember they were BF Goodrich Euro t/a's. Very sticky tires, but they wore out quickly! I got maybe 25,000 miles out of a set.

Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Marty.

No, when I bought the car the tires had dry rot from not being driven for 30 years. I replaced the tires with the closest to the original Bridgestone 185-70-14s. The wheels and hubcaps are original if you have any interest in those. The Hubcaps are in very nice condition. But first I have to find some wheels. Keep in touch.


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Hi Burt,

If you still have the original 30 year old tires that came with the car, Katz may be interested in them. He's been looking for original '70 factory tires for quite a long time now. He has been a very helpful member of our club and is a nice guy.

He can be reached through this site on the home page. That's his blue "Car of the Month". I know if they are the correct tires he would be very appeciative.

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