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I have seen you problem threw the ignition saga, what i didnot see was an explanation for what is happening. In my opinion you are suffering from age related failure of the "run- ignition" circuit. the wiring system you are working on has two distinct circuits, Start & run one has a higher voltage when cranking , the circuit that is working and a reduced voltage run circuit (sometimes dropping lower that 6-8 volts) over the dropping resistor if the system is in poor condition, or deteriated.

I have to go along with the others and say go to electronic ignition. This does not have to be a huge change from what you have, all you need is a good elec guy and a few junker parts off a 280Z or ZX wreck, and the diagram attached, dont be put off that it is for Australia the theory is sound and with the right parts your Z will run smoothly again. My car has run sweet for ten years with only minor adjustment based on this diagram.

Replace the run circuit

good luck

My 2c



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