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Anyone else feel like the Nissan rear seals aren't up to snuff? My 73 just developed a pretty good rear seal leak. It has a new (blue) Nissan rear seal (2000 miles). Which seal works best for you? I'm going to go back with Felpro. I was going to replace the tranny with a 5 speed anyway, but it still makes no sense why a seal with that low mileage would start to leak. BTW, it isn't the groove that's the problem....I always allow for that.

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Just finished the tranny swap......while I was at it, I pulled the clutch and flywheel. The seal was dry, but I replaced it anyway. When I was finishing everything up, I noticed a drip of oil coming from the bottom of the heater hose. I lowered the car and discovered a pinched gasket at the rear of the valve cover........wasn't the seal after all.

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