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New member, new 240K Sedan

Perth 240

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I want buy it if u want ..

And u wont sell it can u help me to find same is your car

Contact me

Whatsapp : +966569901080

And look people go elsewhere to find cars or look in the appropriate for sale section in these forums. Stop annoying owners who love their cars.

Go find them like we had to!

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Hey they looks fantastic Perth 240!!!

It was duel brake light setup yeah?

Love the Venetian. Would buy one myself but have a louvre though for a point of difference for my sedan

All red rings were wired for tail light/brake light, however the wiring looked custom so I wouldn't say it was stock. I had the spare tail lights from the wrecked car, so merged the two harnesses as the Japanese lights had a 4 pin plug vs the 6pin one the Australian cars have.

No need to get so angry there mate. I found my car by leaving a note on it asking if the owner wanted to sell, which is basically what these guys are doing. Just take it as a compliment that people like the car.

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Just the amount of emails becomes infuriating. Let alone when I start driving min e very shortly

It infuriates you that people like your car and want to buy it? I must admit, I kind of enjoy it. Just thank them for their interest and politely say it's not for sale. I've found if you're polite they are polite back.

I have driven my car as a daily for almost a year now and I've had one note left on it, and 2 people offer to buy it. As YamahaCam says I don't think most people know what it is.

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