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trying to find a s30 to restore


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hey all, I've been searching around to try and find an s30 to rebuild as a project. I found one, but an unsure of the price. if anyone feels like looking at the ad and giving me their opinion, it would be appreciated.

Please view this ad:

1974 Datsun Z-Series 260 2+2 Coupe,

1974 Datsun Z-Series 260 2+2 Coupe - Red Deer Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Red Deer Canada.

Price: CAD 1,200

thanks, Kevin

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1200 is fair price

lots of support in calgary to help you

white is rare interior

74's are few in number

2+2 is not as desirable as a coupe but it is nice for long cruises

If you don 't want a 2+2 just wait a few months, another car always comes along.

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2+2 would be good for taking the kids along for a cruise. I'm sure my son would enjoy that once it were done if it happens.

you really think the one you posted would drop 2500 from his asking price? it may be worth the drive to look at it...

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Welcome to the forum and apparently to the land of early 260's!

I've never seen so many early 260's come up for sale in my life, all in Alberta. I've personally run across 5 or 6 in the last couple of years.

Please be extra vigalent about rust on these cars before buying one. The #1 most expensive part of the restoration is rust repair and paint, so start with the most rust free example you can find, even if it means going to the US to get it. Spending $5-6K on a good 240 body in Alberta is worth it in the long run. There are a couple on Kijiji right now. Before you purchase I'de be happy to have a look at the cars with you to give you an informed opinion of cost and time to restore them.

Both of the cars you are mentioning have rust issues that I can see from the pictures. The white one not run since 98 will need the most work. Parts specific to early 74 260's parts are hard to find, 2+2's even more so, due to the very limited production. That said there isn't too much that all that specific, bumpers, wiring harness, emblems, etc depends on your plans for the car, ie stock restoration, or just make it run, look good and have fun with it.

Drop me a note to z240@shaw.ca and I'll give you a phone # so we can chat more. Happy to answer any and all questions you may have and to support your restoration in any way I can.

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Sadly, it's pretty common. The entire floor pans will need to be replaced. You'll also want to check the rest of the underside, the fenders, the doglegs, and such. If they're also in similar shape (bet they are) then this would probably best be considered a parts car. Not economical to salvage or repair - spend more upfront for better metal, it'll still be cheaper in the long run.

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Whoa Ken, run, don't walk from that one... Not good.

It is hard to extrapolate that to the rest of the car, just because the floors got wet and rotted doesn't mean the whole thing is like that, it depends SO much on the storage condition, but if it was outside all this time, keep looking....

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Here's one for sale just south of Atlanta. Much better shape than than your link, yet still some rust areas under the battery and along some window edges. Looks to already have a 280z engine and tranny swap.

A cool project....

1972 240Z

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll definitely make use of the resources available as I search. It has been suggested to even look across the border from me to the south into the US for a reasonable car. It does seem feasible, but I don't know the procedures of bringing a car back up and am a little uneasy traveling to great a distance for a dud. Is it fairly easy to bring one of these back into Canada? Any "hidden" costs?


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