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  1. Well allright then.. thanks guys. Steve, I'll catch up with you soon and report back on what solved it.
  2. I've read the opposite. If you put the two wires that send the signal to the gauge together, it should top out at max fuel level. Doesn't work for me. For now it's just resting on the empty side. Also to note, but prob not related - I have an intermittent tach that will all of sudden start working, them stop, then start again with a few taps on the lens.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply as always Steve. I'm on the track at Road Atlanta this weekend in the Audi. Maybe next weekend? It's not urgent, but it's driving me crazy that I can't figure it out. Seems simple and I'm reading that these are usually cases of faults and grounds rather than bad gauges. I just replaced the glass fuses that control the gauges too... Can a fuseable link that is frayed have an affect on one part of the car, but leave other parts working fine? That's my next replacement. Another possibility is that my recent paint job may have had an affect on the ground in the rear hatch. Where is this exactly?
  4. Hi Guys... my 73 240z had a fuel gauge working fine. Last month it went intermittent on me, reading very low, then finally stopped. So I checked the fuel level sending unit and yes, it was leaking from the top connection. I figured this was also why I smelled gas when the tank was about half full. So I bought an OEM replacement sending unit and figured a 30min job to swap it out. I drained the fuel tank, got the old one out without dropping the tank and hooked the new one up. Two days later, dozens of searches and hundreds of pageviews and I still can't get the gauge to read anything. I'm seeing the fuel sending unit reading a low fuel level with an Ohm meter, so that's good.I've tried to ground the positive for the gauge (near the fuel pump) to read full. No movement.I've checked the wire harness for the fuel pump and sending unit near the tail lights. It's intact.I've reached behind the fuel gauge to see if anything is loose... it all seems tight.I've checked the fuseable link to the starter and it's ugly, but working. Is there another fuse, ground or link that I'm not seeing? All other gauges work (except clock) Thanks all....
  5. ....not sure if joking...show me some close ups of yours madkaw.
  6. Speaking of announcing travels.... I'll be at the Mitty on Friday. Headed to Atlanta Motor Speedway to track the Audi on Sat. Who knows by Sunday if my wife will let me drive anywhere. Zwizzard, I've got a voltmeter and lots of electrical tape if that helps.
  7. Very cool clip Steve! I've been out there in my Audi S4 in HPDE events with point by passing. Can't imagine being out there with John and driving like that!
  8. Just a few months lag in the reply....anyway Wheels are a Rota RB in 15 x 7. They were originally in silver and I plastidippped them black. Tires are Kenda Kinnetica 215/60/15. Cheapo stuff that looks ok. Just seems to keep getting hotter! Valence happend to come with the car upon purchase. Just not attached at the time. Paint and body came from Budget Auto Paint in Chamblee, GA. Happened to be worked on by a tech who also had a Z. Made me think he had a vested interest and experience Big thanks guys!Here's a fresh pic!
  9. Awesome. Thanks Steve! Always like your "cartography."
  10. Here's a pic evolution of my '73 240z. Had it since 2012. Originally green, a recent paint and body has it looking great again. Check out the day I brought it home. The engine pic off craigslist. It's got a 280z 5spd with dual SU carbs. Some steel wheel orignals and a hood that fits... Another wheel upgrade and as clean as I could get it. Finally in for paint Getting stripped down 2013 Nissan GT-R Red Back in the garage with no dents, fresh paint, all chrome blacked out and some plastidip on the wheels. Caffeine and Octane in Alpharetta Still a lot more to do on the inside, brakes and engine. Very cool to be able to bring this one back to life.
  11. I was going the ask the same thing. Looking good metal monkey!
  12. I finally sold my Series 1 blue on blue automatic locally and I think that Chet might have a hand in the restoration. Can't wait to see it again.
  13. @CanTechZ Good to see another Audi / Datsun combo. Here's my S4 and the 73 240z
  14. Great spot Steve and thanks for coordinating. I got a chance to get out there on Fri and somehow got in the parade lap. Very cool way to spend the day at Road Atlanta....although I've never seen a lifted Jeep on the track!
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