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reconnecting under dash wires for 1975 trans am


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ok, so I need some help here. I am working on restoring a '75 trans am, and recently took out the dash and all of the wiring from their corresponding resting places. In a lapse of judgement, I did not take any pictures, or label any of the plugs as to where they were to be returned. (incredibly stupid, I'm well aware) I've been in there for a day already trying to get everything plugged back in, but i'm still not sure where most of them are supposed to be pluggged in, and all of the wiring diagrams I can locate might as well be in french. Does anybody have pictures or anything of where everything is supposed to plug in, or know of a site that might be able to help me? I definitely need to get a move on with this one.

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located that in my first attempt to search, thanks, I'm not looking to purchase one or I would have done so already.

Really? Is $13 too much for you to swallow for a Factory Service Manual specific to your car? :rolleyes:

Also, I don't understand how posting on a Z-specific forum about wiring in a Pontiac Trans-Am makes any sense, even though Steve managed to direct you to exactly what you need...

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