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'70 240Z original tire


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does anyone here know which exact tires the original '70 Z came out of the factory in the US with? also, if u have pics of it with visible text and/or a perfect view of the tire wall (and tread), it would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi monster875:

I knew because I bought my first 240Z in March of 1970. The drove it across America. Started in Spokane, Washington and by the time I got past Idaho, I knew I had a problem with the tires. At Speeds above 70 mph they would shake you out of the car. Thought perhaps I had thrown some wheel weights...

Stopped at the first large town in Montana - no Bridgestone Dealer there, but they had a Goodyear Tire Store. We pulled a wheel/Tire off the car - and it was indeed out of balance. However no matter what was tried - it couldn't be brought into balance. Finally sat up dial gauges and measured radial and lateral run-run out on the wheels and tires.. The tires were out of round by quite a bit. That was true of all four tires..

So they wound up cutting about 3/32's of an inch off the tread..to make them round again. I went on across the top of the US to the Great Lakes, then South to Ohio. Once in Columbus, Ohio I finally found a Bridgestone Tire Dealer, as they were fairly new in the US back then... Since I had 3/32's of an inch of tread cut off - the Bridgestone Dealer offered very little allowance on a Warranty Replacement. So I then went to the closest Goodyear Tire Dealer and bought a new set of Goodyear tires... Drove from Ohio down to Florida, then from Florida back across the Southern US - to the West Coast - then up the coast back to Washington State.. The Goodyears were smooth as glass at 100+ mph..

Never bought another Bridgestone Tire until around 2006... LOL


Carl B.

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sounds like really bad tires O.o

but i gotta tell u that the reason i asked is because i'm doing a 3d model of the early '70 Z, so i need everything to be original, even the tires :P.

if u ever get some good pics of the tread and sidewall, i'd love to get them, so i can make a detailed texture :)

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I have the original (worn out) tires from my '73 in my basement, and the original spare is in the hatch. If they're the same tire as Carl posted, I can take some detailed photos. I'll look tonight.

edit: after reading through the thread Carl linked to, it seems likely that my '73 would have come with Toyos, therefore not being of much interest to you. That was an interesting thread, Carl, neat info.

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