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Drinks to take on the Road


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I can't remember where it was, but I have heard th drinks like Pedialyte or Ensure are good to take on road trips, instead of drinks like Gatorade, because they hydrate you and provide balanced nutrition or whatever, without making you need to stop for a potty five minutes later. Is there a source for these drinks, or shall we discus them here? Google doesn't seem to have any related pages.

I have no preference for either Pedialyte or Ensure; Pedialyte is more like a hydration drink, and Ensure seems like a substitute for a snack.


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The CVS website has Ensure, as does Walgreen's- both liquid and powdered. Ensure reminds me of the old Carnation Instant Breakfast. Unfortunately, milk doesn't work well on summer road trips, so I'd go for the Ensure. Ensure is kinda expensive, no? I'd get the milk when at a restaurant or a convenience store.

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Gatorade has TOO much salt (electrolytes) and sugar. Ideal would be about 50% gatorade, 50% water. Or alternate bottled water with Gatorade to stay hydrated.

It's too "salty" even for an athlete sweating like a madman.

And the truth is you WANT to be peeing. Frequently. The alternative (in the extreme) is kidney stones. Coffee, soda, Gatorade, beer, all of these lead to dehydration.

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I'm glad to see how Gatorade and such is not advocated much. I too have heard many people (mostly athletes) prefer the diluted Gatorade. It's a little surprising that they don't change the makeup of Gatorade if it really is "too salty." Obviously, the Gatorade people don't think it is.

When I was cycling, we drank water and saved the sports drink for after the race.

I don't go for the Gatorade myself. Instead I'd drink milk or orange juice, or just plain tap water from home, which is soft water.

Are there no advocates for RedBull or 5 Hour Energy drinks?

I'm surprised to hear about your granny, Stanley. One slogan of Ensure is "Nutrition to help you get strong on the inside." LOL My opinion on the Ensure is to drink it for between-meals nutrition. Or just have yourself a V-8 :)

Of course, eating while on the road is a different thing altogether. Research on WebMD suggests that you eat 100 Calorie amounts of low-sodium and sugar foods of proteins and beneficial fats.

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