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Reproduction S30 parts NLA.......


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A fuel/air meter with the temperature sensor working would be nice. A repair kit to replace the "chrome" strip about 1/8" wide along the top inside door panel. When the old ones weather and separate, the plastic underneath is gray. Wheel caps for the 77-78 Z mag OEM optional wheel.

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Threshold plates have been mentioned, but could you change the lettering (in the same style) from Datsun to Nissan?

NO - NO - NO!! If they aren't original to the DATSUN 240Z - they wouldn't be any good for restorations. You might as well send the old set out to be Chromed.

If there is a large enough market - might be possible to stamp them both ways.. Is there a market?


Carl B.

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]59353[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]59354[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]59355[/ATTACH]Turn signal switch - not the whole assembly (was $300 at MSA a few years ago, now $500) but the actual switch - in a little plastic cover at the back of the switch. This is the part that burns out from current going through it. See fried one in the photo.

Also, rebuild kit for mechanical fuel pump, fuel tank....

Many excellent suggestions, but I've got to second this one. If, perhaps I should say 'when' it goes your options, assuming your Z doesn't go up in flames, are: 1) to fork out $100 -- $200 for a used assembly probably in no better shape than your existing one; 2) shell out $500+ for a new one; 3) work out some ugly switch hack or; 4) never drive your Z at night, dusk, or here in California, in the rain, ever again.

Two related notes:

1) This is the switch that a headlight relay system prevents from burning out.

2) Datsun used the same assembly in pickups of roughly the same era. Or at least one pickup. The switch assembly looked nothing like that of my Z but underneath, exactly the same except fo the wires coming off the back in the opposite direction.


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NO - NO - NO!! If they aren't original to the DATSUN 240Z - they wouldn't be any good for restorations.

Perhaps a reminder of the thread title and the following quote from the first post is in order:

I'd like to get everyone's input/thoughts/recommendations on S30 parts that are no longer available that might generate sufficient demand to explore having them reproduced.

The S30 is not all about the "DATSUN 240Z", however loud you shout it....

Japanese market S30-series Z threshold plates ( 'PLATE - kicking, sill outer' ) had no lettering on them whatsoever, and they certainly qualify for this thread.

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What about the Cam Oiler Tube, I know someone came up with a great design, but never got a definite response if he was willing to produce. [/quote}

Larry Hassler has been producing and selling a few dozen of these for the last couple years. Contact information is over on Hybridz.

This part seems easy enough to produce, and almost all 2400 motors have seen this fail.

Almost all? Maybe 5% max. I've had probably a dozen 2.4L engines and not one has ever had the spray bar fail and most were used on a race track.

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Hi, Everyone,

Seems that I've been AWOL from the thread for the past few days due to my work and travel schedule. While I havent had the time to reply to each recommendation, please be aware that I'm taking notes and researching your recommendations just as fast as I can. Also, as an update, one of the members has advised me that some of the items being suggested are already available from one or more sources that I was not aware of. Accordingly, I'll be contacting them early this coming week to confirm current availability of those respective parts and will try to update the thread with that information as soon as it is confirmed.

In the meantime, keep your recommendations coming......I still have lots of paper on my notepad:)


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Was the series 1 ashtray already mentioned?

Yes, the series 1 ashtray/fusebox cover has been mentioned already. This part would seem to be a no-brainer to reproduce, given the enormous asking prices for used ones in half-way decent condition. However, I wonder if it might be more prudent to reproduce the entire floor console for the series 1 with all of the appropriate attachments in order to have a completely matching set to OEM specs? (Exact color matching a new ashtray cover to a 40+ year old console could pose quite a challenge)

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