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Found my water leak by accident ........

72 OJ

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I have a minute water leak in my cabin and had me puzzled for some time, it comes on and off making it hard to pin down its source....So by accident it was detected as I was washing her yesterday ..... found out it came from the right corner of the rubber seal on the windshield, water was sipping in between the glass and the seal and not from seal and body(lucky as this would create major damage). A minor repair is in order ,I will add a sealant and in hopes that this leak will vanished,,,,,,,,,,,any sugestions.....post-25833-1415082146774_thumb.jpg :bulb:


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Yeah, many glass guys seem to prefer installing windshields dry (no sealant) these days. I've seen this on several cars in the past. Trying to use sealant w/o removing the windshield is worth a try, but might not fix it. The proper cure is to remove the windshield and use sealant before installing.

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I had that leak and had to lay a bead of silicone around the complete perimeter of the glass/seal interface to keep the water out (I really don't want to replace the seal). The water can get in anywhere along the outside edge, gravity takes it down the gap inside the seal between the glass and rubber, it travels inside the seal to the low point and comes out on the inside corner. I tried sealing just the bottom corner, then the whole bottom edge, then the bottom and the sides but apparently there was enough water rolling over the top edge and under the seal through capillary forces to get in and fill the gap inside the seal.

For anyone wondering, the way to see if you have this leak is to take a long wide left or right turn after some rain or a washing and watch for the drops of water magically appearing at the inside corner of the window and seal. The water doesn't leave much of trail when it beads up and rolls off the rubber so it's hard to find otherwise.

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I looked at my uncleaned windshield just now, that i pulled out not long ago from my 78. It has 1/4 inch wide on the front of the glass and all the way around the thickness of the glass and none on the inside.

It is like black tar and still soft.

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