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Thinking of a Strut Swap

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I am currently running tokiko springs and tokiko non adjustable struts. I am happy with my ride height, and I am happy with my springs ability to keep the car from bottoming out 9on my 1000 mile rally. However, my tokiko struts are over 14 years old and I would like to be able to dial in different settings for cruising or vintage rallying, or track days. Since my struts have already been sectioned for the tokikos, I am thinking a set of illumina's would be a straight drop in replacement. Let me know if this is right.

Also, it would be a great time to put new rubber top hats on the spring perches.

You guys were right, nothing like pounding a car for 1000 miles to know exactly where it is needing work.

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Before I order, since my struts have already been sectioned for the tokiko HP's, are the illumina's a direct drop in to replace them.

The reason I ask, is if they have already been cut, I would be slightly concerned if the cut is different between the HP and the Illumina's.

If they are different, I would just order a fresh set of HP's.

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You don't cut the strut tube to change out inserts. All that's done is the gland nut is removed and a new insert dropped in. The only time a strut housing is cut, is when sectioning to gain bump travel with coilovers.

EDIT: It's all in the FSM, FA section.

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Front strut


Rear strut

I double checked the receipts from the previous owner, and he bought the struts in 2003, not 1993 like I thought. They are in fact Tokiko HP struts with polyurethane strut tops and bump stops. It also had the upper bearings purchased as the same time.

Now the real question is since these are only about 8-9 years old, should I assume that they need replacement. Most new struts do not last 10 years in peak condition.

I have no reason to think I need new strut top insulators though. Polyurethane should be fine for that short period of time.

Hmm, big decision here. The iluminas would definitely add a bit of adjustability. I wonder though how much better they would be than properly functioning HP struts.

I have to think about it now....It is a heck of a lot of money to drop to replace perfectly functioning parts.

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BTW, I'll be selling brand-new 240Z Illuminas that I don't have a use for pretty soon... :)

EDIT: Just saw your recent post. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you like the HPs and they're not blown, I don't see a need to replace them (unless you really want adjustability).

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I drove the illuminas with progressive Eibach springs in my 1973 for a while. I may have a sensitive spine but I found them a little harsh for my liking for the street so I swapped them to my track car. The harshness may have been due to a mismatch of the springs and the valving in the struts but I didn't like the ride quality regardless of the setting. I'm currently running KYB's.

The Illuminas, in the track car, with linear springs (250/225 sectioned coilovers) are hitting the bump stops too often. Unfortunately you can't increase the spring rate much more than what I have with the Illuminas so I plan to swap them out for a set of Bilstein's once John gets the engineering done.


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