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Stainless steel rain gutter trim


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Based on my recent experience, the trim installs from front to back and rolls on to the body from top to bottom. Removal is the reverse - start at the back and work it loose with a gentle roll/twist upwards and out a bit as you move forward. Patience is a virtue!!! A small piece of wood like a 1/4" dowel can be slid or gently tapped along under the trim to help lift it. Did I say patience is a virtue?

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I hate it when the OP doesn't finish a thread when I'm going through the archives, so...the upward turn works! There was 7 layers of paint holding the the drip rail on so I ended up using one of those paint can openers that has a thin pulling lip at the end as a grabber tool to pull the bottom of the rain gutter trim out.

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