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Northern California Weber (maybe Mikuni) tuning day anyone?


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  • 2 weeks later...

I would like to thank Rob (conedodger) for the great day out in Sonoma! It was a great chance to meet a few knowledgeable Z folks, as well as a true side-draft carburetor guru, Keith Franck. Also, special thanks to Original Customs Restoration for hosting. Great group of guys.

I, being the least knowledgeable there, enjoyed learning a whole lot about Webers/Mikunis and the physics behind them! Highlight of the day was definitely Keith supplying the goods to help make Rob and Leon's cars run a whole lot smoother and quicker off the line.

Will add more photos shortly.











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What a great day! Glen, Patricia, Leon, Mark, Bill, Tim, myself and our carb expert Keith. My car ran good but now it is so much more responsive and crisp. The A:F ratio is in the 13:1 range at 70mph cruise. So very much better!

If you have Webers I highly recommend Keith's Hypojets! If you have Mikunis don't fret, Bill offered to drop one of his off so Keith can develop Hypojets for them! And why not? Bill doesn't need his Mikunis! He goes through head gaskets as often as I do oil changes. 8O

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Man, what an awesome day! Throttle response has never been so crisp before and the idle is so much cleaner. I love how my mixture got steadier too.

This is just the beginning, I'll be playing with the hypojets to find the optimal ones as well as increasing my pump shot and possibly upsizing the chokes. Achieving Weber nirvana is a (big) step closer! Big thanks to Rob for setting this up, Keith for the time, parts and knowledge, Original Customs for hosting, and Glenn, Patricia and Bill for coming. It was a blast!

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