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Northern California Weber (maybe Mikuni) tuning day anyone?


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I have made the acquaintance of a guy who has been mentioned here more than a few times. Keith Franck knows an amazing amount of information about the Weber side-draft DCOE carbs, and has invented and manufactured a number of innovations. Just last weekend, he had a 'tuning day' for Lotus owners who's cars use Weber side-draft carbs. He offered to include us Datsun peeps but it was really too late to set this up.

I am wondering if we have enough people who would attend a Tuning Day for us Datsun guys with Webers?

I have a friend with a restoration shop who would be willing to host in Sonoma CA... (Keith lives in the Martinez area).

We could have a BBQ and maybe even a drive, the roads through Napa and Sonoma are amazing!

Sound off if you're interested...

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I think that is enough interest. I will talk to Keith Franck and see if I can make this happen soon. The shop it will take place at is called Original Customs in Sonoma CA. It is a restoration shop that does a lot of Porsche work but has done some Datsun work. In fact, there is a 280Z in the shop right now. He is a master welder and fabricator and builds cages as well.

Mark, the owner would prefer a Sunday as his shop week starts on Sunday and is closed on Saturday. We can have a BBQ, but we will have to organize that ourselves.

For those of you who are not aware, Keith makes the fuel level tool and hypojets. If he can't help you tune your carbs, your carbs are probably not the problem...

Here is a link to Keith's webstore with a few of his innovations - http://www.webstore.com/82598,owner_id,other_items

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