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Sparco EVO 2 in an S30? Will it fit?


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I am thinking of putting a Sparco EVO 2 seat in my 240Z but my friend Silverstreak brings up a good point. Does it fit? If you have done this, show me some pics of your mount and the seat in the car.

I slid all over in last weeks track day on my stock seats with stock belts.:tapemouth

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I think our race seat is an Evo I and it fits OK with a cage. Not sure how the Evo 2 differs, but if it's ANY wider, it won't fit. We use the stock 260Z sliders and just had to make cross bars to match the width to the car. Sorry, I couldn't find any pictures of the seat in the car.

The plan is to replace the Sparco seat with a Momo seat I bought last year. It's a bit nicer and came with Momo sliders which should be stronger than the stock ones.

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Most" seats will "fit" but will you like the limitations of how it can be mounted? The gross restrictions are the width at the shoulder with a large bolster, that to hit the door, or for a 280, that lump in the trans tunnel for the cat on the drivers side. Other than that, most "go in", but....

Height is a function of the method you select to mount the seat. Lower is better (and harder to accomplish with sliders that work), but what constantly catches people is the ability to move their lovely new seat back far enough once mounted.

That 3-4 " riser bump from the floor up to the short flat area behind the seat typically prevents most seats from moving back as far the stockers. The stock seat-backs start high enough off the floor and are positioned back from the end of seat base, so that they can nestle above that bump and allow the seat back to move almost to the luggage riser with the seat base still in the floor area just touching the bump. Most aftermarket seats can't do this as the back and base connect low and at the same point. This traps the seat back AHEAD of the bump and leaves way too little room to the steering wheel and/or pedals for anyone over about 5-10. I'm dealing with this now with some Corbeau's. Not fun.

If you mount them high enough to get them back enough, then you're typically much too high for head clearance.

Tough call. Carefully inspect the seat back/base joining geometry on your stock seats and compare to what you're putting in before committing. Most aftermarket ones I've seen are all pretty much the same.



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