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  1. A wet Port Denison (Western Australia) Sprint in the Zed was a lot of fun. Port_Denison_2017__Datsun_260Z.avi
  2. The Zeds were well represented at the Albany Round the Houses.
  3. Hope so - although my other half wants to go to Europe around that time.
  4. I have a pretty good idea! I would prefer you focus on the second video though! I was either going a little hard or trying to avoid John's accident. No damage to my car but unfortunately John in rhe white Zed hit the wall fairly hard. Please check out the video below showing 2 laps that were a little tidier.
  5. Try cut down early model mazda RX7 pads.
  6. Hi Mike In the 1950s and 60s many rural towns in Western Australia used to host motor sport events and create a race curcuit by closing off streets in the town centre. Several towns now run a recreated event for classics (usually pre 1975). What happens is that well promoted events are having a significant economic and tourism related impact. This event was the inaugural event at Port Denison, about 400 ks from Perth, limited to 50 classic sport and race cars. It had the support of the Shire Council (Local Government Authority) who arranged the road closures. The police assisted
  7. Sprint at Port Denison Western Australia
  8. Turn the sound up - Cheers Chris Chris Barbagallo edit (1).mp4
  9. Hi Can I suggest that instead of looking 'across the pond' you look 'down under'. We are RHD and the $AUD is worth bugger all since the end of the mining boom!
  10. I just did a search on the ex Datsun factory works cars that came to Australia. There are many theories and opinions as to which car Ross competed in when he won the 1976 ARC. The attraction of this photo is that in the 1970's I was a spectator at many rallies in Western Australia where very well developed (for that time) Zeds were competitive and regular winners. The legacy is that 40 years later I can finally get to drive one myself. Apparently the photo is of the Hermann car in the Dulux Rally (1973?).
  11. That looks very much like the factory prepared works car that was driven to the Australian Rally Championship by Ross Dunkerton in the early 1970s. Also would this have been a service point on the Southern Cross Rally?
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